The 14 Best Running Podcasts For Your Next Workout

Listening to an entertaining or informative podcast is terrific, but trying to find a great podcast can be difficult. With nearly a million active podcasts available, even browsing through running podcasts can feel overwhelming. If you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to finding great running podcasts, we’re here to help. Whether you’re looking … Read more

Keeping Mid-Week Runs Fresh: 4 Tricks To Mix Up your Runs

Many runners put a fair amount of planning into weekend long runs. But with less time and energy during the week, planning our shorter mid-week runs can often be an afterthought. You likely head out the door at the same time each day and run the same route, passing the same houses and trees and … Read more

Want To Get Faster? Here’s Why More Slow Runs, and Less Speed Work, Is The Answer

When I coached high school track and cross country, there was an assistant coach who would tell the runners, especially during the long, slow, base-building summer runs, “you’ve got to go slow to go fast.” They would look at him sceptically, but his advice, while perhaps counterintuitive, is actually quite sound. Research, in fact, has … Read more

Coughing After Running? Here Are The Possible Causes Of A Runner’s Cough

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7 Ways To Stay Motivated and Engaged In Running As You Get Older

Many things in life get better with age – wine, cheese and wisdom just to name a few. However athletic endurance, speed and strength don’t quite make the list. Instead, over time our athletic performance will eventually plateau and begin to decline due to the nature of the ageing process. The age at which you … Read more

How To Run A 10 Minute Mile

Perhaps you have been running for a while and like the idea of getting faster. Maybe you’ve thought about how satisfying it would feel to run a mile in 10 minutes. In addition to being a nice even number that makes figuring out paces and timing a breeze, a 10 minute mile is a significant, … Read more

Why You Don’t Need Motivation To Run

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” – Pablo Picasso Have you ever wondered why some people seem to have no problem running regularly, yet you can’t seem to do so with any consistency? Maybe you’ve wondered how those regular runners stay motivated to keep running day after day, month after month, year … Read more

The Run Walk Method: The Ultimate Running Method For Going Longer

If you’ve ever stopped to walk during a run or race because you were exhausted or out of breath, and then started running again once you felt bettfer, you’ve incorporated walking with your running. When discussing the run/walk method, however, we are talking about a more specific, planned strategy, using pre-determined times for walking breaks. … Read more

The Complete Track Running Guide: Best Track Workouts For Runners

If you think track running is just for student athletes or professional runners, or at least only for the fastest runners who take the sport very seriously, you would be overlooking a great option to add to your running routine. Regardless of your ability or experience, in fact, running on a track can be enjoyable … Read more

Fartlek Run Training: How To + 8 Fartlek Variations!

Have your runs become routine and maybe a little boring? Do you find yourself settling into the same pace for every run and zoning out as you cover the miles? If so, maybe it’s time to add fartleks to your routine and consider experimenting with this type of run for a literal change of pace … Read more

13 Tips To Balance Running And Being a Parent

Life is always a balancing act, with shifting priorities and responsibilities, and we sometimes eliminate activities we deem nonessential in order to focus on more important tasks. Running, for example, may fall to the wayside once children come along. While everything seems to change when you become a parent, however, with a little imagination and … Read more

Circumpolar Race Around the World (CRAW): The Virtual Global Relay Run

Leave it to Lazarus Lake, creator of the Barkley Marathons (arguably one of the toughest ultramarathons in the world) and the Backyard Ultra, to transform the idea of racing virtually into a years-long, team-based race around the world.    After the success of his four-month-long virtual Race Across Tennessee held during the summer of 2020, Lake … Read more