The 14 Best Running Podcasts For Your Next Workout

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Listening to an entertaining or informative podcast is terrific, but trying to find a great podcast can be difficult. With nearly a million active podcasts available, even browsing through running podcasts can feel overwhelming.

If you’re feeling a bit lost when it comes to finding great running podcasts, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re looking for running advice, inspiration, a peek into the lives of elite runners, or just some laughs, we’ve rounded up a selection of some of the best running podcasts available.


Let’s jump in!

Running podcasts

#1: The Running For Real Podcast

Host Tina Muir, an elite-level marathoner from Great Britain, is not afraid to dig into the darker aspects of running, talking about (mostly) running-related difficulties with a variety of guests, including runners, coaches, scientists, and medical providers.

While Muir is not afraid to discuss serious issues, including her own struggles, the topics are presented in a way that makes them relatable and the podcast is inevitably quite inspiring.

Muir believes running can be a vehicle for social change and is also passionate about dealing with climate issues. These matters are often woven through the episodes, resulting in the listener learning about more than just running

Link: The Running For Real Podcast

#2: Run To The Top

In this running podcast, Claire Bartholic, a running coach, talks with a range of experts eliciting information and advice useful for runners at all levels.

Bartholic is particularly good at imparting scientific information and advice in short, easy-to-digest segments and encouraging “everyday” runners to share their inspiring stories.

This podcast has been active since 2012, with more than 500 episodes available, so if you’re interested in a particular topic, this may be the place to look.

Link: Run To The Top

Running podcasts

#3: Runner’s World UK Podcast

This weekly podcast, hosted by Rick Pearson and Ben Hobson, covers current events in the world of running and often includes inspiring interviews with running notables.

The pair talk about serious issues, such as depression and suicide, but also cover lighter topics, such as how to get through the holidays fitter than when you started.

Link: Runner’s World UK Podcast

#4: Ali On The Run

This podcast is hosted by journalist and runner Ali Feller, who interviews runners at all levels as well as individuals involved in various aspects of the running industry.

Feller is down to earth and has an easy-going interview style that results in her guests relaxing and opening up on a wide range of topics.

Her stated goal is to find out about the decisions people make in their lives and the role running has played in making those decisions, which results in fascinating, thought-provoking interviews.

Link: Ali On The Run

Running podcasts

#5: I’ll Have Another with Lindsey Hein

Lindsey Hein interviews “regular” and elite runners and manages to keep a light tone even when delving into serious matters.

Hein is especially adept at getting elite runners to go beyond a discussion about their well-known accomplishments and dig into deeper, more personal matters.

Link: I’ll Have Another With Lindsey Hein

#6: The Morning Shakeout

If you’re looking to hear from the biggest names in the running world, this podcast, hosted by Mario Fraioli, is for you. Fraioli gets top athletes and coaches to open up about their lives in this entertaining running podcast.

The episodes, which come out once a week and typically run an hour or more, provide in-depth, inspiring conversations that are the perfect accompaniment to a morning run.

Additionally, the show notes are quite detailed, so if you’re looking for a particular topic or wondering what a specific episode covers, it’s a simple matter of browsing through the notes.

Link: The Morning Shakeout

Running podcasts

#7: Marathon Training Academy

This long-running podcast is hosted by running coach Angie Spencer and her husband Trevor and, as the name implies, is geared toward runners training for marathons.

Episodes are jam-packed with information and advice (and an occasional high profile guest) and are presented in a straightforward, but not too serious, manner.

The topics are sometimes quite marathon-specific, but often involve general advice about training, nutrition, and injury prevention useful to runners focusing on any distance.

Link: Marathon Training Academy

#8: Trail Runner Nation

Hosts Don Freeman and Scott Warr cover a wide range of topics, primarily related to trail running, but talk about many issues, such as mental focus, nutrition, and pacing strategy, that are likely to be of interest to all runners.

The hosts, and their guests, are clearly quite knowledgeable, but they manage to present information in a fun manner and genuinely seem to want to help others find joy in running.

They are also very good at distilling general information into specific, actionable advice.

Link: Trail Runner Nation

Running podcasts

#9: Koopcast

Ultramarathon coach Jason Koop hosts this running podcast, which focuses on trail and ultrarunning with an emphasis on the science behind various running topics.

Koop covers everything from mental skills to strength training, from breathing techniques to polarized training, to the effect cannabis has on training and performance. He also talks about current topics in the ultramarathon world, including the problem with doping in this sport.

Koop is extremely knowledgeable on a range of topics and also has guests who are experts in their fields, but he manages to keep the conversations clear and entertaining.

You will definitely feel more well-informed after listening to this running podcast.

Link: Koopcast

#10:’s Track Talk

If you’re interested in knowing what’s going on behind the scenes of professional running, including marathoning and the world of track and field, this is the podcast for you.

Hosted by Jonathan Gault and Robert Johnson, this running podcast, like the LetsRun website, is not always politically correct and sometimes feels a bit thrown together.

The hosts, however, do know what’s going on in the running world and manage to convey a great deal of information that might be difficult to find otherwise.

This podcast is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you’re curious about what’s going on at the highest levels of the running world, you may find it worth a listen.

Link:’s Track Talk

Running podcasts

#11: Running Commentary

If you dream of finding running partners who will keep you entertained on your runs, you need Paul Tonkinson and Rob Deering in your life.

This duo, who are both comedians and runners, record this podcast while running, and while you might think listening to their heavy breathing and footfalls would be off-putting, it instead simply gives you the sense that you are running right along with them.

They cover a range of topics, running and otherwise, as would be typical of any conversation with a running friend (just with more funny bits), and after joining them for a few episodes, you’ll find yourself looking forward to your next run with them.

Link: Running Commentary

#12: Ten Junk Miles

Main host Scotty Kummer – described in the show notes as “possibly the most painstakingly average runner known to man” – does not necessarily cover any running topic or conduct interviews better than any other podcast host, but the unique format of this podcast makes it worth including on this list.

Aside from some special episodes, this podcast is typically divided into ten 10-minute segments, with each segment covering a different topic designed to carry you through about one mile of running at a time.

Topics run the gamut but are often on the lighter side, such as discussions about bathroom breaks, “pacer stories from hell,” or getting lost on the trail.

So, if you’d like some friendly banter to help get you through your next long run, consider giving this podcast a try.

Link: Ten Junk Miles

Running podcasts

#13: Not Your Average Runner

This podcast, hosted by certified running and life coach Jill Angie, is ostensibly aimed at mid-life, plus-size women new to running, but actually contains plenty of universally applicable advice.

Angie disposes of the casual banter typical of so many running podcasts and instead dives right into her topic, which is usually well thought out and presented in a clear manner with specific points to consider and simple, often itemized, recommendations regarding actions you can take.

She is funny and regularly uses some spicy language, but cuts to the chase and provides solid information and advice on a wide range of topics.

Link: Not Your Average Runner

#14: Podrunner and Podrunner Intervals

If you don’t necessarily want to hear conversation, but would appreciate non-stop, curated music mixes with the right tempo to keep you on pace, then these are the running podcasts for you.

The Podrunner podcast includes a range of episodes, each lasting about one hour, with the BPM (beat per minute) and type of workout it’s created for listed in the episode descriptions so you can find the one best suited for your needs.

Podrunner Intervals follows the same basic idea but provides music at changing tempos to use with interval, or HIIT workouts. This version also includes guided 5K, 8K, and 10K running plans.

So, if you’re having difficulty maintaining a specific cadence, or stride rate, or would appreciate some guidance on training runs, check out these podcasts.

Link: Podrunner and Podrunner Intervals

Running podcasts

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