Nnormal Unveils Cutting Edge Kboix Trail Shoe Featuring Interchangeable Midsoles

Three midsoles offer options for varrying terrain and conditions


Although record-breaking super shoes have been in the spotlight lately, Nnormal’s latest offering, the Kboix trail shoe, stands out in the world of trail running for its cutting-edge ingenuity.

Nnormal was founded in 2022 by previous UTMB and Western States winner Kilian Jornet and family-owned footwear company Camper. The company focuses on responsible footwear that still maintains high functionality and is performance-oriented. 

The new trail shoe, unveiled last week, pushes the boundaries of innovation by introducing interchangeable midsoles.

Nnormal Unveils Cutting Edge Kboix Trail Shoe Featuring Interchangeable Midsoles 1

The new Kboix, pronounced “kah-bohsh,” trail shoe boasts three distinct midsoles: Kb1 Soft, Kb2 Reactive, and Kb3 Bounce.

Each midsole is crafted with precision, utilizing advanced materials such as EVA supercritical foam, TPU supercritical foam, and PEBA supercritical foam. 

The interchangeable midsoles adapt not only to different terrain and conditions but also to different body types and personal preferences. The three midsoles open the product to a much wider audience than traditional shoes.

Founder Kilian Jornet spoke on the Nnormal Youtube chanel about the product’s inception:

“We started thinking, we need to rethink the shoe, to start thinking about a shoe from scratch, from zero. We want a shoe that could eventually last forever, and a shoe that can adapt to every person, every situation, every terrain, at every moment.”

Nnormal Unveils Cutting Edge Kboix Trail Shoe Featuring Interchangeable Midsoles 2

He continued on about the interchangeable midsoles:

“We started developing what we think has the biggest impact on adaptability — the midsoles — developing three different midsoles: a soft one, a reactive one, and a bouncy one. And you can change in seconds, depending on the terrain or the feeling you want to have.”

The modular design extends beyond the midsoles. In addition to the interchangeable midsoles, other key components of the shoe, including the upper and outsole, will all be available for individual replacement when they have worn out, eliminating the need to replace the entire shoe.

This takes a major step towards sustainability in the footwear industry and promotes a longer product life cycle. This commitment to durability aligns with Nnormal’s philosophy of offering versatile products that adapt to the evolving needs of consumers.

Nnormal Unveils Cutting Edge Kboix Trail Shoe Featuring Interchangeable Midsoles 3

Nnormal spoke of the philosophy behind the new Kboix trail shoe:

“This launch is a step forward in NNormal’s commitment of designing durable and versatile products that adapt to everyone’s evolution and offer the tools for the shoe to have an extended life cycle. The goal is, without a doubt, to change the game and challenge the industry status quo, as well as consumer behavior.”

Nnormal hopes to see other brands follow suit, focussing on product longevity, with interchangeable midsoles becoming more common.

Furthermore, Nnormal has launched the Kboix Experience, where consumers can be part of the final stages of development for the new shoe. Applications opened on November 23, 2023, and the company will accept 150 runners to take the new Kboix for some test runs and provide their feedback.

Nnormal Unveils Cutting Edge Kboix Trail Shoe Featuring Interchangeable Midsoles 4

Nnormal said of the Kboix experience: “The selected users will live the journey hand in hand with the brand and collaborate in the shoe development process. That’s why their feedback will play a crucial role in fine-tuning and perfecting the Kboix.”

The selected runners will be announced in December 2023 and we expect a 2024 launch date for the Nnormal Kboix. The price point has yet to be set.

The Nnormal Kboix trail shoe acts as a trailblazer into a future where footwear is not just a product but an experience tailored to the unique needs of each wearer.

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