6 Week 10k Training Plan + Complete Training Guide

Most runners train for a 5k as their first foray into the competitive running scene.  The 5k distance, more commonly thought of as 3.1 miles in the United States, is an approachable and very achievable running goal for beginners, yet the distance also has plenty of allure for more advanced runners who are looking to … Read more

2 Week 10k Training Plan + Complete Training Guide

Properly training for a 10k usually takes a minimum of six weeks, depending on your current fitness level and your goals for the race.  However, if you already have a decent base and have been running consistently, you might decide that you want to jump into a 10k at the last minute and need to … Read more

8 Week 10k Training Plan + Complete Training Guide

Running a 10k is an amazing accomplishment. It takes a significant amount of physical and mental endurance, so training for a 10k typically takes several months, especially for beginners.  Most new runners first take on a 5k, but with proper training, it’s certainly possible to skip over the 5k entirely and make your racing debut … Read more

The 12 Week 10k Training Plan + Complete Guide

Although most runners set their sights on running a 5k for their first running goal, some runners are drawn by the allure of the doubly-long 10k. For any number of possible reasons, you might choose to train for a 10k with very little running under your belt. Whether you’re training for your first 10k or … Read more

How To Run 10k In 40 Minutes + Training Plan

The 10k distance is perhaps the most popular distance for a wide range of people involved in running. Many newbies to the sport see the distance as a natural stepping-stone to completing their first half marathon. Triathletes enjoy racing 10k races to give help them gauge their potential form in an Olympic distance race, and … Read more

How To Run 10k In An Hour (Or Faster)

When it comes to running, once you reach the 10km mark it’s a common goal to try and run 10k in an hour – or less! After spending a few weeks or months building up your distance running abilities, it’s nice to change tact and focus on your speed a little. After all, you’ll likely find that your 10k … Read more