How To Run 10k in 40 minutes: Training Plan + Coach’s Advice

As a UESCA-certified running coach, I have the opportunity to work with runners of all levels, from new runners who are just starting to elite distance runners. Breaking 40 minutes in the 10k race is a challenging running goal time and is generally only appropriate for experienced runners with a high fitness level, a smart … Read more

8 Week 10k Training Plan + Complete Training Guide

Running a 10k is an amazing accomplishment. It takes a significant amount of physical and mental endurance, so training for a 10k typically takes several months, especially for beginners.  Most new runners first take on a 5k, but with proper training, it’s certainly possible to skip over the 5k entirely and make your racing debut … Read more

How To Run 10k In 55 Minutes: Complete Guide + Training Plan

The 10k race distance is an alluring event for many runners because it’s long enough to feel like an impressive achievement but short enough to allow the training to fit in a busy schedule without getting in the way of work or family time.  Although just finishing a 10k can be a fantastic accomplishment, experienced … Read more