Does Running Give You Abs? 6 Tips To Get That Six-Pack

There are many physical and mental health benefits of running, which is why people follow a running routine for all sorts of reasons, ranging from building muscle and reducing the risk of lifestyle diseases to decreasing stress and improving self-esteem. As a certified personal trainer and running coach for over 15 years, I have also … Read more

The Beer Mile: Your Complete Guide

There are two main camps of runners, those that almost inexplicably connect running with enjoying a cold beer, and those that avoid alcohol altogether.  Of course, many runners fall somewhere in the middle and enjoy an occasional beer or glass of wine, but the celebratory nature of opening your favorite craft beer at the post-race … Read more

Does Running Make You Taller? 5 Ways Running Can Boost Height Appearance

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How To Keep Shorts From Riding Up: 9 Helpful Tips

Whether you are running, cycling, working out at the gym, or just walking around town, it can be incredibly annoying—and sometimes embarrassing—if your shorts keep riding up. Instead of being able to focus on your workout or just enjoy yourself in general, you find yourself constantly tugging at the inner thigh of your shorts to … Read more

Hill vs Mountain: When Does A Hill Become A Mountain?

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Is Running Barefoot On A Treadmill Okay? Pros, Cons + 3 Tips

The popularity of running barefoot may have surged several years ago in response to Christopher McDougall’s bestseller Born to Run, but many runners still have an interest in running barefoot. Unfortunately, for most runners who live in developed areas, running barefoot outside is not all that practical or safe. Paved roads can be abrasive, and … Read more

How To Poop Before A Run: 9 Tips To Empty Your Bowels Before A Workout

In an ideal world, as soon as you wake up in the morning and get ready for your run, you’d be ready to use the bathroom and empty your bowels before running. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than having to poop while running, and runner’s trots or runner’s diarrhea are so named for a reason—running stimulates … Read more

The 14 Best Running Tattoo Ideas

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The 6 Unexpected Benefits Of Walking Backwards + How To Do It!

We’re always hearing about the importance of mixing up your workout routine. Adding variety is said to not only prevent mental boredom and burnout but also help prevent overtraining and overuse injuries from repetitive movements.  Plus, a well-rounded workout routine challenges different muscles and components of your fitness, allowing you to keep getting stronger and … Read more

The 9 Best Birthday Workouts + Run Ideas For Your Big Celebration

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