What Is a Running Streak? How To Join The Run Streak Community!

Ever heard of a running streak? Put simply, a running streak is when you run every single day. Runners who hold a run streak are called ‘run streakers’, and they are part of a growing community. Running streakers don’t just go unchecked however, there are actually two official run streak bodies. The Streak Runners International … Read more

Dating A Runner? Here’s What You Should Know

So, you’re dating a runner. Lucky you! And if you’re not dating a runner, get on it! There’s even an app for that!  In this article we will delve into… 10 things you only know when you’re dating a runner  10 reasons to date a runner How to please your other half in every room … Read more

How To Rest Like An Elite Athlete

Rest is an essential part of training, regardless of what you’re training towards. The stress and load of your workout must be tempered with downtime, where your body hits the ‘rest and recover’ switch, and actively promotes muscle recovery. Not really. It turns out a little movement and light exercise is good for muscles during … Read more

22 Funny Running Memes to Keep You Going

Everyone needs some funny running memes here and there to lighten up their workouts. Memes are a solid reminder that no matter how tough training gets, countless people are going through the same thing. After all, they wouldn’t be so funny if they weren’t so relatable.  Pushing your limits can be brutal. It can leave … Read more

How to Boost Your Immune System Through Running

Running isn’t just for weight loss or winning races! Here, we explain how to boost your immune system through running too.  If you’re getting sick all the time, it affects your life in a multitude of negative ways.  To overcome that struggle, you need real, successful ways to strengthen the immune system so you can … Read more

How To Become An Endurance Monster

What if I told you that the secret to success in your ultramarathon is to become an Endurance Monster? It’s that simple. Or at least, it sounds simple. I’ll describe the characteristics of an Endurance Monster in a second, but first let’s look at …marathons. Related: 7 Bizarre and Interesting Facts From The World of Ultrarunning The Difference … Read more

Do Compression Socks Work for Running Performance and Recovery?

“Do compression socks work for running – whether in improving running performance or recovery?” It’s something a lot of runners have wondered – especially given the amount of compression products out there. Compression technology was initially designed to help improve blood flow in post-surgical patients or people with circulatory problems, but recently it has taken … Read more

How To Choose Running Sunglasses

Thinking about wearing sunglasses when you go for a run?  If you’re going out in bright conditions, then it’s always best to wear eye protection.     Running-specific sunglasses can cost over $200.  The good news is that you don’t always have to buy these, and you may well already have a suitable pair of … Read more