How To Run On A Treadmill: Basics, Benefits + 5 Fun Workouts To Try

Whether you’re a beginner runner or have logged enough miles over your lifetime in the sport to circle the globe, chances are, you’ve found yourself running on a treadmill at one point or another. Many runners have a love-hate relationship with the treadmill. It’s a great training tool and safer alternative to running in the … Read more

Calories Burned Running Calculator: How Many Calories Does Running Burn?

Aside from the many fantastic benefits of running such as improving cardiovascular health and fitness and reducing stress, many runners are also drawn to the sport because when it comes to exercise, running is one of the most efficient ways to burn calories. For this reason, running can be an effective way to lose weight … Read more

PR vs PB: The Difference Between Personal Record and Personal Best

The sport of running has its own unique lexicon such that a specialized glossary of running terms would probably take up both sides of a full sheet of paper. Terms like “bonking,” “pace,” “threshold run,” and “tempo run” are just a few of the many words runners quickly adopt into their vernacular before they’ve worn … Read more

The 14 Best Running Podcasts For Your Next Workout

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Running Rules: The 13 Unspoken Rules + Proper Running Etiquette

For many of us, running is about freedom and escaping the routines of everyday life. However, it’s important to bear in mind some basic running etiquette and running rules to make sure you’re keeping the experience fun for everyone and that you’re staying safe. Most running etiquette is generally based on these two aspects. However, … Read more

Here’s How Long To Wait After Eating To Run + 4 Helpful Tips

One of the most common questions beginner runners ask is, “How long should I wait after eating to run?” Even seasoned runners often find themselves experimenting with the timing of running and eating, particularly when stepping up to longer distances or when changing the time of day they run. Because properly fueling your body for … Read more

Take Your Mind Off The Run: How Dissociation Can Improve Your Running Performance

Do you ever zone out during a run, then regain focus to suddenly find that you’ve actually come a lot further since you were last paying attention? It might seem counterintuitive, but distancing your mind from the activity you’re doing can actually improve your performance at it. In any form of sport or exercise, the … Read more

An Expert Coach’s Bookcase: The 5 Best Running Books To Inspire You

When it comes to the best running books, they can pretty much be categorized into two distinct groups – guides or personal reflections. The first is a manual of sorts, a “guide” that aims to explain the science and philosophy behind running, speed, and so on. The second group is more biographical in nature, such … Read more

The Central Governor: Does Your Brain Manage Your Running Speed?

The Central Governor Model is a theory of fatigue. As runners, we know what fatigue is. It’s when it hurts, you’re over it, you want to go home, you have to walk, running sucks. The term “fatigue” is commonly thrown around in the sporting world. But surprisingly, there is no concrete definition of it that … Read more

Running with Poles Guide: Benefits, Tips, + Techniques

If you follow ultra running or run races yourself, you’ve most likely seen an abundance of people running with poles lately. Kilian Jornet, Courtney Dauwalter, François D’haene, and most sky runners use poles while competing to take advantage of the great benefits that come along with them.  What exactly are running poles, and why and … Read more

Want To Get Faster? Here’s Why More Slow Runs, and Less Speed Work, Is The Answer

When I coached high school track and cross country, there was an assistant coach who would tell the runners, especially during the long, slow, base-building summer runs, “you’ve got to go slow to go fast.” They would look at him sceptically, but his advice, while perhaps counterintuitive, is actually quite sound. Research, in fact, has … Read more

Running Backwards: 5 Benefits of ‘Retro’ Running + 5 How To Tricks

We know what you’re thinking – but don’t worry, this article isn’t about encouraging you to run in 80’s fashion gear. Contrary to what the name suggests retro running is not running back in the day but rather the art of running backwards. Retro running can cover distances anything from a couple of meters on … Read more