Postpartum Running Plan + 5 Tips To Return To Running Happy And Healthy

Pregnancy can be a somewhat divisive experience for women: some feel like it was one of the most beautiful seasons of their life and they felt really happy and healthy during their pregnancy while other women struggle through some or all of the nine months and can’t wait to have their body back to the … Read more

Running Every Day: 18 Benefits + Potential Risks Of A Daily Run

It can be very challenging to start a fitness routine, let alone take up running. If you’ve been inactive for a long time, imagining yourself running every day likely seems nearly as inconceivable as winning the lottery or taking a trip around the world. After all, in accordance with Newton’s Laws of Motion and the … Read more

Running Routes: Tools + Tips On How To Plan Your Next Run

From tracks to treadmills, city parks to mountain trails, neighborhood roads to sandy beaches, running routes can take on almost any type of terrain, setting, and style, which is one of the best things about running as a sport. Moreover, virtually anywhere you live in the world or anywhere your travels may take you, you … Read more

The Weekly Race Series Explained + Useful Tips For Weekly Racing

Depending on where you live in the world, spring and summer running can mirror the explosion of growth in the natural world.  In much the same way that the grass, trees, flowers, and buds start sprouting up left and right after the winter melts into spring, what was a sparse winter race calendar populated with … Read more

Pronation Explained + 6 Helpful Tips On What To Do About It

The running stride seems simple enough, but when you really think about every phase of your stride, there’s actually quite a lot going on. There’s heel strike, or ground contact when your foot first lands, and then you roll towards the forefoot, and lastly, you push off. The foot plays a major role in controlling … Read more

Fell Running Guide: What Is Fell Running? 

Running is a diverse sport, with all sorts of different niches and ways to participate. Some people only run on the treadmill at the gym or in their basement. Others love charity races and frequently participate in community 5ks.  Then, there are the endurance runners who train for half marathons or marathons, or even ultramarathons and … Read more

Exhausted Runner? Running Fatigue Explained + 7 Common Causes

It’s completely normal and expected to feel tired after running a hard workout, long run, or race. Running is a physically demanding form of exercise, so nearly every runner is acquainted with feeling fatigued after running at one point or another. But, what happens when fatigue from running lingers? What if you’re a chronically exhausted … Read more

Running Goals: 96 Exciting Goal Ideas For Your Next Training Cycle

Every runner should have at least one running goal. You might want to run a 5k or finish your first marathon. Maybe you have a pace or time goal like breaking four hours in the marathon or running a mile in under 8 minutes. Goals for runners are like a bottomless gas tank: they are what … Read more

Running On Ice: How To + 12 Safety Tips To Run On Ice And Snow

Depending on where you live in the world, running on ice or snow may be an inevitable part of year-round running if you don’t have access to a treadmill.  When you’re running on icy roads or trails, you’re not only forced to contend with freezing temperatures, but you also have to worry about slipping, siding, … Read more

Running In The Dark: 10 Safety Tips + Practical Advice For Your Next Run

As dedicated runners, we yearn for the satisfaction of checking off our daily workouts in our training plans, feeling pleased to have completed our runs, and each day taking another step towards our current goal.  Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn and hit the pavement or trails to start your day, or … Read more

Complete Guide To Plogging: What Is Plogging, How To + 14 Helpful Tips!

Everyone loves a good portmanteau. From chortle to hangry, frenemy to glamping, portmanteaus are a fun way to combine two words to describe a hybrid in a new word that rolls off the tongue. The sport of running has its own portmanteau: plogging. If you’ve never heard of plogging before, you might imagine it’s an … Read more

Slow Jogging: 9 Benefits Of A Slower Workout To Get Results

Almost every runner has finished a run and thought, “Wow; I ran slow today.” This notion is often coupled with dissatisfaction, disappointment, and even frustration. After all, most of us strive to be the best runners we can be and our brains are inclined to mean “best” means running fast. However, running fast shouldn’t always … Read more

Does Running Increase Testosterone? The Facts + 4 Tips

We tend to hear that lifting weights and other forms of strength training are a good way to boost testosterone levels in the body, but the impact of endurable exercise on testosterone levels is less commonly discussed, at least in any sort of definitive way. Some of the most burning questions are: Does running increase … Read more

Self-Defense For Runners: How To Stay Safe On The Road

It is a grim reality that, on a regular basis, runners get attacked while out running. In fact, a 2021 Runner’s World survey found that sixty percent of runners have been harassed, either verbally or physically, while out running. Tragically, some runners have even lost their lives or disappeared. This is why it is paramount … Read more