Self-Defense For Runners: How To Stay Safe On The Road

It is a grim reality that, on a regular basis, runners get attacked while out running. In fact, a 2021 Runner’s World survey found that sixty percent of runners have been harassed, either verbally or physically, while out running. Tragically, some runners have even lost their lives or disappeared. This is why it is paramount … Read more

The Lunch Run: How To Perfect Your Midday Workout

For a lot of runners, it can be a struggle trying to fit training in around commitments such as work, family, and other responsibilities. Some people like to train first thing in the morning before getting to work. Whereas others really look forward to the end-of-day run to help them clear their heads and forget … Read more

High Altitude Training: Benefits + How To Do It Properly

For many years now, elite runners have been spending weeks, if not months, at “training camps” or locations away from home. They pack their belongings and make camp locations that are often somewhat remote. These aren’t vacations in disguise, meditation retreats or sorts, or trips to run a particular race. Instead, the runners are traveling … Read more

The Parkrun Essential Guide + Expert Tips To Improve Your 5k Time

Depending on where you live in the world and your involvement in the local running scene, you might be well acquainted with parkruns (lowercase P in there), or it may be a totally foreign concept. Parkruns are free, weekly, community running or walking events that take place in 23 different countries around the world. Your … Read more

Running Safety On the Road & Trails: 8 Tips To Stay Safe While Running

Right off the bat, running doesn’t seem like an extreme sport. However, there are potential risks and hazards that we can avoid if the correct precautions are taken. Controlling these factors and following some basic running safety rules can aid in keeping us free from harm. From frigid temperature to the gear, GPS tracking systems, … Read more

Is It Better To Run Before Or After A Workout?

Whenever you establish a fitness routine, one of the most important considerations is what type of exercise you’ll do each day. Will it be a cardio workout like a run, HIIT workout, or spin class? Or a strength training workout like lifting weights at the gym?  Establishing an effective exercise routine hinges upon balancing different … Read more

CV Running Guide: What Is Critical Velocity Running?

There are roughly a dozen different types of running workouts. From track intervals to threshold workouts, hill sprints to tempo runs, running coaches and exercise physiologists have developed a relatively extensive library of types of running workouts, each designed to offer specific and unique physiological and psychological benefits. One of the less commonly referenced running … Read more

How Far Did I Run? 4 Helpful Online Tools To Measure Your Run Distance

You’ve just finished a great run. You meandered through new neighborhoods or created your running route on the fly. If you don’t own a GPS running watch and don’t record your workouts with a run tracking app on your phone, the natural question to ask is, “How far did I run?” Before the advent of … Read more

Why Every Runner Should Keep A Running Log

On May 11th, 2013, I ran my fastest half-marathon. I won the Whistlestop Half Marathon in Ashdown, Arkansas, with a time of 1:29:17. A few weeks ago, I completed my latest half marathon. I ran 1:35:01, which was the fastest time I’ve run since 2013. After finishing the half, I started wondering what I did … Read more

Is There An Ideal Running Weight for Peak Performance? 

One of the polarizing debates in the running world is whether there is an ideal running weight. The concept of an ideal running weight or ideal racing weight isn’t necessarily new, but it seems to resurface in popular searches every couple of years.  It’s not uncommon for runners to have a complicated relationship with food … Read more

Sprinting Vs Running: Differences + Benefits Of 2 Distinct Workouts

Both jogging and sprinting can offer huge benefits for physical and mental wellbeing. However, whilst they might appear similar, there are some key differences between lower intensity running and sprinting in terms of how they are carried out as exercises, as well as how they affect your muscles, health, and running capabilities. In this article, … Read more