Salomon Launches Courtney Dauwalter’s Signature Running Shorts for Everyday Runners


What athlete doesn’t want to dress in the gear of icons and champions in the sport?

With that in mind, many top athletic companies set up collaborations with famous athletes to help everyday individuals feel like their role models.

For example, the Gap Athleta collaborations with gymnast Simone Biles, sprinter Allyson Felix, and music icon Alicia Keys offer women and those preferring to wear women’s clothing options for athletic and athleisure clothing designed in collaboration with these legends.

Now, runners of all ability levels can pick up a pair of “Shortneys,” running shorts inspired by the style and running preferences of champion ultrarunner Courtney Dauwalter.

Solomon, the official sponsor of the record-setting ultramarathon runner, has just launched the Shortney shorts to the mass market.

These unisex-style running shorts can be worn for trail running, road running, any athletic activity, or just regular, comfortable streetwear.

The style of the Solomon Shortney shorts is inspired by the loose-fitting signature style of running shorts favored by ultra-trail runner Courtney Dauwalter, whose Instagram tagline is “Ultra runner with a love for long inseams & candy.”

Although the Courtney Dauwalter shorts are sized and designed for women, the long inseam (26.5cm or 10.23 inches) buck the trends of the typical short, split running shorts or booty shorts often worn by elite runners.

The Solomon Shortney shorts are oversized athletic shorts that combine comfort and lightness while allowing those who prefer more modesty in running shorts to feel inspired by a trailblazer in women’s running without needing to bare so much skin or wear something super form-fitting.

In an interview with iRunFar, Dauwalter shared her penchant for longer running shorts:

“Growing up I’ve always preferred longer shorts, they’re more comfortable to me. So then when I started running these ultramarathons, I stayed in the longer shorts but there was never a women’s short that was long enough, so I was usually shopping in the men’s section and buying whatever shorts were available there, and then the men’s fit T-shirt because I preferred the cut and the length of the sleeves, and just the looser fit of the men’s clothing.”

The new Salomon women’s Shortney line also features a loose-fitting technical top that comes in Grape Leaf green and White colorways.

Both items in the Dauwalter-inspired Solomon Shortney line feature a famous Courtney Dauwalter quote: “No one else can run those miles for you,” which can inspire everyday runners to get out there and train.

The term Shortney is believed to have been coined by a fan of Dauwalter, who took to Twitter after Dauwalter won the 2019 Madeira Island Ultra-Trail. 

The Shortney’s line not only will allow Dauwalter fans (aren’t we all?!) to be able to look and feel like they are embodying the spirit of one of the greatest ultra-trail runners ever. Plus, the cut and style seem like a great step for more inclusivity in the sport and helping runners of all body types feel comfortable in what they are wearing to train.

You can read more about Courtney Dauwalter in our article here.

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