Skyrunner World Series On Global Hunt For Latest Standout

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The 2024 Skyrunner World Series is set to expand not only its race calendar but also its field of elite runners. 

Skyrunner World Series has launched a global search for new elite athletes for the 2024 season.

The online application is open to sponsored and unsponsored runners in an attempt to find undiscovered talent.

Seana Forbes, athlete manager and head of operations for the Skyrunner World Series said to IRUNFAR;

“We believe there is so much skyrunning talent out there that has yet to be discovered. Because we know it can be daunting or unclear how to enter the Skyrunner World Series as an elite without a sponsor or someone you know on the inside,” she said.

“For 2024, we decided to do something a little different and make an online application available for anyone to fill out if they believe they have what it takes to be an elite athlete. We want to give everyone an equal chance.”

Athletes selected for this program will benefit from increased exposure by competing in the elite field, which provides a great opportunity for those at the start of their careers.

Additionally, athletes selected will be able to take advantage of different levels of support to take part in races, such as free entry, accommodation, and travel support.

The application is open to male and female athletes, aged 18 or over, who have a high level of experience tackling technical terrain.

Skyrunning, also called mountain running, was first conceived in 1993 and has since experienced a global explosion in popularity. 

The governing body of skyrunning, the International Skyrunning Federation (ISF), defines skyrunning as “running in the mountains above 2000m altitude where the climbing difficulty does not exceed II° grade (international mountaineering grading) – and the incline is over 30%.”

Simply put, skyrunning involves high-altitude mountain running while negotiating steep, rocky, and challenging terrain.

Mountain races that meet the criteria set out by the ISF can become certified as “SkyRaces.”

Today, there are more than 400 skyrunning races around the world, which see over 100,000 athletes from over 65 countries competing each year.

Although each course is unique, races are typically 25-50km in length and have a higher average gradient and more elevation gain than typical mountain races. The courses take runners through some of the most technical yet scenic areas in the world.

The Skyrunner World Series comprises a series of events around the world, culminating in a grand finale, the SkyMaster Final.

The 2024 Skyrunner World Series is set to be the biggest yet, with 20 races on the calendar across 12 countries and three continents. The series will run from March to November, culminating with the SkyMaster Final in Spain.

The full list for the 2024 Skyrunner World Series:

  • 1. March 2 – Acantilados del Norte – La Palma, Spain – 29km, 2,250m+
  • 2. April 6 – Calamorro Skyrace – Benálmadena, Spain – 27km, 2,270m+
  • 3. May 4 – Skyrace des Matheysins – St Honoré, France – 25km, 2,000m+
  • 4. May 18 – Skyraces Des Gorges Du Tarn -Ste Enimie, France – 24km, 1,800m+
  • 5. May 25 – Orizaba Skyrace -Orizaba, Mexico – 45km, 3,200m+
  • 6. June 1 – Hochkönigman Skyrace – Maria Alm, Austria – 31km, 2,600m+
  • 7. June 15 – Madeira Skyrace – Santana, Portugal – 45km, 3,600m+
  • 8. June 22 – Minotaur Skyrace – Crowsnest Pass, Canada – 33km, 2,900m+
  • 9. June 23 – Skyrace du Mercantour – Saint Martin Vesubie, France – 30km, 2,150m+
  • 10. June 29 – Kaiserkrone Skyrace – Scheffau, Austria – 25km, 2,770m+
  • 11. July 6 – Cordillera Blanca Skyrace – Huaraz, Peru – 27km, 1,550m+
  • 12. August 23 – Matterhorn Ultraks “EXTREME” – Zermatt, Switzerland – 25km, 2,900m+
  • 13. August 25 – Trofeo KIMA – Valmasino, Italy – 52km, 4,200m+
  • 14. September 22 – Maga SkyMarathon – Zorzone, Italy – 39km, 3,000m+
  • 15. September 28 – Gorbeia Suzien – Zeanuri, Spain – 32km, 2,400m+
  • 16. October 12 – Limone Extreme Skyrace – Limone, Italy – 22km, 2,200m+
  • 17. October 26 – 2 Peaks Skyrace – Ulju County, South Korea – 26km, 2,080m+
  • 18. November 2 – Kailas Penang Skyrace – Penang, Malaysia – 42km, 3,800m+
  • 19. November 9 – Sagalassos Skyrace – Burdur, Turkey – 27km, 2,200m+
  • 20. November 16 – Marato Dels Dements – Eslida-Aín, Spain – 42km, 3,800m+

So, do you think you have what it takes to be the next Skyrunner star?

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