Wahoo Steps Into The World Of Indoor Running Unveiling The Kickr Run

Could this be the next revolution in indoor training?


Wahoo Fitness, known for its innovative cycling products, has taken a bold step into the world of running with the launch of the Kickr Run, a smart treadmill designed to transform indoor running

Unlike anything else in Wahoo’s Kickr lineup, this new offering promises to revolutionize the running experience much like the Kickr Smart Trainer did for cyclists.

The Kickr Run boasts a feature called RunFree Mode, allowing for seamless, hands-free changes of pace. This feature enhances the immersive running experience, bringing a dynamic element to indoor training.

Wahoo Steps Into The World Of Indoor Running Unveiling The Kickr Run 1
Photo Credit: Wahoo Fitness

Utilizing sensors on the belt and a responsive motor, runners can simply increase their speed, and the treadmill adjusts automatically. 

Connected to popular platforms like Zwift and Wahoo SYSTM, users can engage in structured workouts with speed controlled by the apps or freely explore virtual landscapes, feeling changes in gradient just like cyclists using a smart trainer. 

The treadmill also features a lateral tilting capability that mimics road running, providing a more accurate simulation.

Key features of the Kickr Run include a maximum pace of 4:00/mile, compatibility with Wahoo’s Elemnt Rival watch and Tickr heart rate monitors, and connectivity to devices through USB ports and WiFi. 

An integrated laptop shelf, USB-C charging ports, and the Direct Connect ethernet port also enhance the treadmill’s functionality.

Wahoo Steps Into The World Of Indoor Running Unveiling The Kickr Run 2
Photo Credit: Wahoo Fitness

Chip Hawkins, founder of Wahoo Fitness and a passionate runner, revealed that the Kickr Run had been in development for seven years. Wahoo’s focus on the indoor cycling market has been evident, but with the struggles in recent years, the Kickr Run signals a new frontier for the brand.

The treadmill is set to launch in the USA in the summer of 2024, with global availability expected in 2025. 

While the price remains undisclosed, Wahoo aims to make a mark in the competitive home treadmill market, challenging established players like NordicTrack and Peloton. 

Only time will tell if the Kickr Run can replicate the success of its cycling counterparts and revolutionize indoor running. Stay tuned for more details as Wahoo Fitness continues its journey into the realm of indoor running with the Kickr Run.

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