The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young

The most historic Barkley Marathons to date, but with the growth of ultrarunning, could this be just the beginning?

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The headlines have been everywhere: The 2024 Barkley Marathons were the most historic edition to date.

This year, the Barkley Marathons began Wednesday, March 20, at 5:17 p.m. local time (EDT), and following 60 hours of brutal racing in the crucible that is Frozen Head State Park in Tennesee, the race saw a historic number of finishers.

A total of 38 runners made it to the iconic yellow gate to start the race, but just five would be able to complete the five 20-mile loops within the grueling time limit. Prior to the 2024 edition, the highest number of runners to ever finish the Barkley Marathons was three, which occurred in 2023 and 2012.

Meet The 2024 Barkley Marathon Finishers

The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 1
Photo Credit: Howie Stern

Ihor Verys

Meet Ihor Verys, Canada’s first Barkley Marathons finisher, hailing from Chornomorsk, Ukraine. 

This 29-year-old athlete, now based in Chilliwack, B.C., arrived in Manitoba on a student visa in 2015. 

His journey into running began modestly, but his determination and natural talent quickly propelled him to the forefront of the sport. His impressive feats include victories at races like the Finlayson Arm 100K and the Fat Dog 120-miler, showcasing his ability to tackle grueling distances with unwavering perseverance.

For Verys, running is not just a physical endeavor; it’s a means of maintaining mental clarity and navigating life’s challenges. His journey from a newcomer in Canada to an accomplished ultrarunner reflects his unwavering determination and adaptability.

Despite his numerous achievements, Verys remains grounded and humble, eschewing the pursuit of sponsorship or professional status. Instead, he finds fulfillment in the camaraderie of the ultrarunning community and the boundless opportunities the sport has to offer.

The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 2
Photo Credit: David Miller

John Kelly

John Kelly describes himself as “the husband to an incredible wife and the proud father of four kids.” Born in England, Kelly later moved to the United States, where he pursued his passion for running and endurance challenges.

Kelly gained widespread recognition in 2017 when he became the 15th person ever to complete the Barkley Marathons within the race’s stringent time limit. He went on to complete the race again in 2023, becoming just the third person ever to complete the Barkleys more than once.

This year, Kelly finished second among the five Barkleys finishers and became the second person to finish the grueling 100 miles within the time limit three times.

In addition to his Barkley Marathons finishes, Kelly has participated in various other high-profile ultramarathons. This includes a remarkable win at the 2020 Montane Spine Race, dubbed Britain’s toughest race.

The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 3
Photo Credit: Jacob Zocherman

Jared Campbell

Jared Campbell is an American ultrarunning legend.

His most notable claim to fame was following the 2023 Barkley Marathons, when he became the first person ever to finish three Barkley Marathons. Following this year’s finish, Campbell maintained his status as the runner with the highest number of Barkley Marathons finishes, tallying a legendary four.

However, despite making history of his own, Campbell made headlines for another reason at this year’s race. 

Campbell came in from loop four about ten minutes ahead of competitor Jasmin Paris. The rules of the Barkley Marathons state that for the final loop, runners head out in opposite directions, alternating clockwise and counterclockwise loops, with only the first runner out getting the chance to select which way they want to go.

Aware that maintaining his lead would secure him the preferred clockwise route, Campbell demonstrated remarkable sportsmanship by seemingly offering Paris the choice, an act which may have been just what she needed to complete that historic fifth loop to become the first woman to finish the race.

Rather than pitting themselves against each other, it’s a collective struggle against the unforgiving racecourse.

Campbell took the more challenging direction despite having a record of his own on the line. At this year’s Barkley Marathons, however, it clearly didn’t hinder him.

The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 4
Photo Credit: Drew Darby

Greig Hamilton

Greig Hamilton flew under the radar at this year’s Barkley Marathons.

An orienteer and ultrarunner from Christchurch, New Zealand, Hamilton became the first Kiwi to finish the Barkley Marathons. 

It was Hamilton’s third attempt at the Barkley Marathons, with his first being in 2019. Hamilton’s motivation to take on the Barkley Marathons came from watching compatriot Matt Bixley compete in 2015, the only other Kiwi to have attempted the grueling race.

The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 5
Photo Credit: Jacob Zocherman

Jasmin Paris

Jasmin Paris, a 40-year-old mother of two from Great Britain, made history after becoming the first woman ever to complete all five loops of the Barkley Marathons within the stringent 60-hour time limit.

Quiet, unassuming, and modest, Paris was born in Hadfield, a small town nestled on the edge of the Dark Peak in England. She also spent parts of her childhood in the hills of Šumava National Park in Czechia since she’s also half Czech. 

Currently residing just south of Edinburgh with her husband Konrad and their two young children, Paris balances her ultrarunning pursuits with her profession as a small animal vet specializing in Internal Medicine at the University of Edinburgh’s teaching hospital.

Paris quickly became the fan-favorite of the race.

With each loop she completed, she got closer to history. Paris finished the grueling 100-mile race in 59:58:21, joining the exclusive club of Barkley Marathon finishers with just over a minute and a half to spare.

The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 6
Photo Credit: David Miller

Who Else Was In The 2024 Barkley Marathons?

The 2024 Barkley Marathons saw 38 starters

Out of the 38, four were women and 34 were men. 18 of them were first-time Barkley runners (including winner Ihor Verys!), and 16 were back for at least their second attempt (the highest number was 21 attempts from Leonard Martin).

  1. Ihor Verys – 1st Attempt – Completed 5 Loops
  2. John Kelly – 7th Attempt – Completed 5 Loops
  3. Jared Campbell – 8th Attempt – Completed 5 Loops
  4. Greig Hamilton – 3rd Attempt – Completed 5 Loops
  5. Jasmin Paris – 3rd Attempt – Completed 5 Loops
  6. Damian Hall – 2nd Attempt – Completed 4 Loops
  7. Sébastien Raichon – 1st Attempt – Completed 4 Loops
  8. Albert Herrero Casas – 3rd Attempt – Completed 3 Loops
  9. Maxime Gauduin – 1st Attempt – Completed 3 Loops
  10. Tomokazu Ihara – 5th Attempt – Completed 3 Loops
  11. Thomas Dunkerbeck – 2nd Attempt – Completed 3 Loops
  12. Guillaume Calmettes – 5th Attempt – Completed 2 Loops
  13. Aurélien Sanchez – 2nd Attempt – Completed 2 Loops
  14. Joe McConaughy – 2nd Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  15. Marco Jaeggi – 1st Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  16. Hendrik Boury – 1st Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  17. Harvey Lewis – 3rd Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  18. Jim Mann – 1st Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  19. Harald Zundel – 3rd Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  20. Nikolay Nachev – 5th Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  21. Matej Arnus – 1st Attempt – Completed 1 Loop
  22. Kelly Halpin – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  23. Mark Lattanzi – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  24. Christophe Nonorgue – 2nd Attempt – No Loops Completed
  25. Iso Yucra – 7th Attempt – No Loops Completed
  26. Jay Doubman – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  27. Jim Bedford – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  28. John Clarke – 2nd Attempt – No Loops Completed
  29. Lisa McFadden – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  30. Pedro Luiz Cianfarani – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  31. Scott Martin – 3rd Attempt – No Loops Completed
  32. Tano Isola – 2nd Attempt – No Loops Completed
  33. Steve Malliard – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  34. Jeff Stafford – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  35. Nick Vermeulen – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  36. Philippe Richet – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  37. Leonard Martin – 21st Attempt – No Loops Completed
  38. Dena Carr – 1st Attempt – No Loops Completed
The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 7
Photo Credit: David Miller

Who Else Is In The Exclusive Barkley Marathon Finishers Club?

Mark Williams199559:28:48
David Horton200158:21:00
Blake Wood200158:21:01
Teddy Keizer200356:57:52
Mike Tilden200457:25:18
Jim Nelson200457:28:25
Brian Robinson200855:42:27
Andrew Thompson200957:37:19
Jonathan Basham201059:18:44
Brett Maune (1)201157:13:33
Brett Maune (2)201252:03:08
Jared Campbell (1)201256:00:16
John Fegyveresi201259:41:21
Nick Hollon201357:39:24
Travis Wildeboer201358:41:45
Jared Campbell (2)201457:53:20
Jared Campbell (3)201659:32:30
John Kelly (1)201759:30:53
Aurélien Sanchez202358:23:12
John Kelly (2)202358:42:23
Karel Sabbe202359:53:33
The 2024 Barkley Marathons Results: Meet The Athletes Who Crushed The Race That Eats Its Young 8

The Ultrarunning Boom

Ultrarunning has been experiencing a surge in popularity and gaining more mainstream recognition. The sport has seen an exponential increase in participation numbers and media coverage in recent years.

But what’s been the driving force behind this growth?

  1. Challenge and Adventure: Many people are drawn to the challenge and adventure of ultrarunning. Completing distances like 50K, 50 miles, 100K, or even 100 miles requires not only physical endurance but also mental toughness and strategic planning.
  2. Social Media and Online Communities: The rise of social media platforms and online communities dedicated to running has helped spread awareness of ultrarunning. Instagram, Twitter, and Strava have allowed runners to share their training journeys, race experiences, and connect with others who share similar interests.
  3. Increased Accessibility: There has been a proliferation of ultrarunning events worldwide, offering a range of distances and terrains to suit different preferences and abilities. This increased accessibility has made ultrarunning more appealing to a broader audience.
  4. Celebrities and Influencers: The participation of celebrities and influencers in ultrarunning events has also contributed to its mainstream visibility. When well-known figures share their ultrarunning experiences with their followers, it can inspire others to try it themselves.
  5. Health and Wellness Trends: With growing interest in health and wellness, many individuals are seeking new and challenging ways to stay fit and active. Ultrarunning offers a unique opportunity to push physical limits and explore scenic outdoor environments.

While ultrarunning is still a niche within the broader running community, its popularity has been on the rise, and it continues to attract a diverse range of participants.

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