Courtney Dauwalter Crushes Another Transgrancanaria

The American ultrarunner continues to dominate the world of ultrarunning

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In a remarkable demonstration of endurance and skill, ultrarunners Courtney Dauwalter and Raul Butaci emerged as the victors of The North Face Transgrancanaria Classic, a grueling 126km race with nearly 7,000m of elevation gain, traversing the rugged terrain of the Canary Islands in Spain. 

Notably, the Transgrancanaria was also a part of the newly formed World Trail Majors Series, which features ten races around the world in its inaugural year.

Against a backdrop of challenging conditions and strong depth in competition, both athletes showcased exceptional resilience and determination, solidifying their positions early in the season as some of the best elite runners in the ultrarunning community.

Women’s Race – Dauwalter’s Dominance

In the women’s division, Courtney Dauwalter once again asserted her dominance with a commanding performance. 

Despite facing adverse weather conditions, including rain, wind, and cold throughout the night, Dauwalter surged ahead of her competitors, establishing an early lead as the race progressed. 

As the sun rose, Dauwalter’s strength and endurance became increasingly apparent, as she steadily widened the gap between herself and the rest of the field.

Although challenged by contenders such as Germany’s Ida-Sophie Hegemann and Spain’s Azara García de los Salmones in the early stages of the race, Dauwalter remained focused on maintaining her lead. 

Known for her relentless determination, Dauwalter pressed onward, conquering each checkpoint further and further ahead of her competitiors. 

As she crossed the finish line in a time of 15 hours, 14 minutes, and 54 seconds, Dauwalter secured her victory with yet another remarkable display of athleticism in dominant fashion.

Men’s Race – Butaci’s Strategic Victory

Raul Butaci’s journey to victory in the men’s division was characterized by calculated strategy. 

As the race commenced from Las Canteras on the northeast coast of the island, Butaci found himself among the frontrunners, including China’s Jiasheng Shen and American Zach Miller. 

Despite facing testing weather conditions overnight, Butaci maintained a steady pace, positioning himself for success as the race progressed.

As the competitors reached the pivotal Tunte checkpoint, Butaci emerged as the leader, holding a decisive gap over his closest rivals, Miguel Heras of Spain and Ionel Christian Manole of Romania. 

With a commanding advantage established, Butaci maintained a strong pace throughout the rest of the race, ultimately crossing the finish line in 13 hours, 22 minutes, and 32 seconds

The North Face Transgrancanaria Classic challenged athletes over 126km and nearly 7,000m of elevation. Dauwalter and Butaci’s victories not only exemplify their talents but also their tenacity and resilience when the conditions are far from ideal.

The third successful race from the inaugural World Trail Majors Series, the next race in the lineup is the Mt. Fuji 100, taking place April 26-27, 2024, at the foot of Japan’s highest peak.

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