Sub-3:00/3:30 Runners Got Paid to Run Hong Kong Marathon

The event gave away $1,300 USD to any local who could run under the mark

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In a unique move to encourage local participation in marathon running, the 2024 Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon has introduced a monetary incentive for Hong Kong residents who achieve impressive finishing times. 

Unlike other marathons with stringent qualifying times and even more stringent prize-earning times, this initiative aims to foster a sense of community and motivation among local runners.

This year, each Hong Kong resident who completed the marathon in under three hours for men and 3:30 for women was awarded $10,000 HK (nearly $1,300 USD).

Sub-3:00/3:30 Runners Got Paid to Run Hong Kong Marathon 1

The decision to reward fast finishes is part of an ongoing effort to promote health and fitness within the local community and inspire residents to pursue ambitious goals in the realm of marathon running.

The incentive program, first introduced last year, has seen remarkable growth. In 2023, 218 runners received the HK$10,000 incentive. 

Fast forward to 2024, and the number has doubled, with 332 men achieving a sub-three-hour finish and 124 women achieving a sub-3:30 finish, as reported by the Hong Kong Athletics Federation.

To qualify for the financial reward and the coveted title of “Mr. and Ms. Super Thousand,” runners must meet specific criteria. 

Firstly, they must be permanent Hong Kong residents, ensuring that the incentive directly benefits the local community. Secondly, participants must be registered with a local run group, emphasizing the importance of community engagement in the initiative.

Sub-3:00/3:30 Runners Got Paid to Run Hong Kong Marathon 2

This unique approach to rewarding marathon runners has sparked conversations about the potential adoption of similar incentives in marathons across North America. 

The idea of offering a monetary incentive to qualifiers, similar to the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon, could serve as a powerful motivator for marathon enthusiasts.

The conversation extends to iconic marathons like the Boston Marathon, prompting discussions about the possibility of offering a $1,000 payday for each sub-three-hour runner. Such a proposition has the potential to revolutionize the trajectory of growth of the sport.

As the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon sets an example for incentivizing local runners, it raises questions about whether other major marathons will consider similar approaches. 

The initiative not only celebrates the achievements of the runners but also explores innovative ways to encourage individuals to push their limits, grow the sport of marathon running, and enhance the running community.

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