Kelvin Kiptum To Challenge World Record And Two Hour Barrier At Rotterdam Marathon

The 24-year-old believes that his training combined with the ideal course could set him up for a monumental day

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In the wake of an extraordinary 2023, where Kelvin Kiptum shattered the men’s marathon world record, the Kenyan running sensation is gearing up for an even more ambitious challenge.

Kiptum, at just 24 years old, is eyeing the 2024 Rotterdam Marathon with the intent to break the elusive two-hour barrier, a feat never before accomplished on a record-eligible course.

kelvin kiptum crossing chicago marathon finish line
Chicago Marathon 2023

Kelvin Kiptum’s meteoric rise in the marathon scene has been nothing short of spectacular. In his third career marathon, the Chicago Marathon, in October 2023, Kiptum defied expectations by obliterating the world record, crossing the finish line in an astounding time of 2:00:35.

This remarkable achievement followed his victory in the London Marathon in April, where he clocked an impressive 2:01:25, then the second-fastest time ever recorded for a marathon.

Looking ahead, Kiptum has his sights firmly set on the Rotterdam Marathon scheduled for April 14.

When questioned about his choice of venue, Kiptum explained that the race’s organization is intricately linked to his management. In 2022, he was slated to make his debut in Rotterdam, but a slight injury forced a delay.

Now, he believes the timing is just right for this monumental challenge.

Kelvin Kiptum To Challenge World Record And Two Hour Barrier At Rotterdam Marathon 1
Photo Credit: Kevin Morris

The pursuit of excellence comes at a cost, and for Kiptum, it means enduring an intense training regimen that keeps him away from his family for most of the week. However, this sacrifice is a conscious choice made in collaboration with his wife, allowing him to focus wholeheartedly on his goals.

Beyond the Rotterdam Marathon, Kelvin Kiptum has his eyes set on the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

Among the preliminary Kenyan team selections, he is determined to secure one of the three coveted spots. While emphasizing collaboration, Kiptum acknowledges that, ultimately, every athlete must look out for themselves.

As Kiptum’s training intensifies, all roads lead to Rotterdam, where he aspires to write his name into history by becoming the first athlete ever to complete a record-eligible marathon in under two hours.

Kelvin Kiptum To Challenge World Record And Two Hour Barrier At Rotterdam Marathon 2
Photo Credits: Kevin Morris

He has spoken of his eagerness to participate in a race renowned for its ideal course and the energizing support of enthusiastic crowds.

Should the stars align with optimal weather conditions and his preparation progress as planned, Kiptum affirms his determination to go for the extraordinary.

Kelvin Kiptum’s journey from breaking world records to aiming for a sub-two-hour marathon is one that we have all been watching with excitement. As the running world eagerly awaits the 2024 Rotterdam Marathon, Kiptum stands poised to make history and leave a lasting mark on the sport.

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