Details of Kelvin Kiptum’s Last Days Emerge as His Wife Breaks Silence

As the world mourns the untimely death of marathon world record holder Kelvin Kiptum, his widow, Asenath Cheruto, has shared details about their future plans and what she knew of the world record holder's final 40 hours.

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Details of Kelvin Kiptum’s Last Days Emerge as His Wife Breaks Silence 1

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Kiptum’s sudden demise in a tragic car accident Sunday night has left a void not only in the running world but also in the hearts of those who knew him personally.

Kelvin Kiptum, at just 24 years old, had already etched his name in the marathon history books with his remarkable achievements

His record-breaking run in the Chicago Marathon had made headlines worldwide, signaling the rise of a young talent destined for greatness. However, his promising journey was abruptly cut short, leaving behind a legacy of unfulfilled dreams and aspirations, including that of Olympic glory this summer in Paris.

When Kiptum died on Sunday night, he left behind his wife, Asenath Cheruto, and their two young children.

On Tuesday, Cheruto decided to speak candidly with the local media about her husband.

Cheruto told The Nation (Kenya) that Kiptum had grand plans for their future, including the construction of a family home in the well-established hillside residential area in Eldoret, Kenya, a hub for many elite athletes. 

The couple had been awaiting the county government’s approval of their house plans, aiming to complete their dream home by June.

“He was a caring man who deeply loved his family,” Cheruto said in the video interview, her voice laden with grief. 

Cheruto also described what she knew of Kiptum’s final days, which he spent at a mini training camp away from his family.

Details of Kelvin Kiptum’s Last Days Emerge as His Wife Breaks Silence 2

Timeline of Kelvin Kiptum’s Last Days

  • Early Saturday morning: Kelvin Kiptum leaves at 4 a.m. for training at the Fluorspar camp, his usual routine. He intended to return home on Monday.
  • Saturday, around 10 a.m.: Kiptum calls Cheruto to share that he is exhausted from training.
  • Sunday, after training: Plans for a family outing are canceled due to what Kiptum said was a headache that came on after the tough training session.
  • Sunday, around 8 p.m.: Kiptum finishes speaking to his wife and children on the phone, promising to buy his children watches. This would be his last conversation with Cheruto.
  • Late Sunday night: Cheruto is awakened by her mother-in-law, who informs her that Kiptum’s vehicle was spotted in a forest area in Kaptagat. Initially, Cheruto thought that Kiptum had been car-jacked.
  • Sunday, shortly after 11 p.m.: Asenath and her family rush to the scene, ending up at the local Racecourse Hospital, where they learn about Kiptum’s death and identify the body.
Details of Kelvin Kiptum’s Last Days Emerge as His Wife Breaks Silence 3
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