Our Hot Takes On Sub-Elite Runners “Cheating”, This Runner Ran 1000 Marathons With The Fastest Average, And What The Heck Is Going With Olympic Qualification?

Senior news editor Jessy Carveth joins Michael Doyle to talk about a wild week in the running scene. They unpack a controversial disqualification at a California Marathon, a UK man who's run 1,000 marathons over a 43 year stretch), Olympic marathon qualification ridiculousness, Nike's alleged manipulation of the Kenyan squad for the Paris Games, and... zombies.


It was a surprisingly busy week for the news team this week, so we had lots to get through on this week’s podcast.

In this episode, Jessy Carveth and Michael Doyle break down a controversial disqualification at the Orange County Marathon in California over, essentially, a cup of water. If you haven’t heard what’s going on, there have been some pretty divisive opinions on Reddit. We unpack it and share our takes on what’s going on.

Then, we talk about Steve Edwards and his Guinness World Record for the fastest aggregate time to complete 1000 marathons. You read that right…1000 marathons. The deeper we dive into this story, the more shock and awe we find ourselves in.

Next, we get into the confusing and fiery topic of Olympic marathon qualification. A process that was twisted from the beginning was made worse a few days after the qualification window closed and the remaining quota spots were given to universality places, rather than by the ranking (which was the original process). So essentially, some athletes got screwed over by this sudden change and don’t have the opportunity to go back and run a qualifying time.

On an Olympic note, we then dive into the Kenyan Marathon team, specifically Brigid Kosgei for the women’s team, and how Nike may have had their hand in the pot. We compared her performances to the other two shortlisted athletes who weren’t selected and take a look at Nike’s track record for having their sponsored athletes on the Olympic team.

Finally, we have a bit of fun talking about zombies. If you’ve ever wanted to be in a Hollywood movie, you’ll want to listen all the way to the end.

Hosts: Jessy Carveth and Michael Doyle

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Jessy has been active her whole life, competing in cross-country, track running, and soccer throughout her undergrad. She pivoted to road cycling after completing her Bachelor of Kinesiology with Nutrition from Acadia University. Jessy is currently a professional road cyclist living and training in Spain.

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