Countless Runners Left Empty-Handed After Another Nike Alphafly Drop

As fast as the shoes sold out, they began reappearing on resale platforms such as eBay at sky high prices

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Nike, the global sportswear giant, has once again stirred controversy with another release of its latest marathon shoe, the Alphafly 3.

Priced at £284.99, this flagship footwear, famously worn by the late Kelvin Kiptum, vanished from shelves within minutes of its UK release on Thursday, March 7.

Countless Runners Left Empty-Handed After Another Nike Alphafly Drop 1

Kiptum, tragically killed in a road accident in Kenya in February, had sported a prototype of the Alphafly 3s during his historic world record at the Chicago Marathon last October.

His remarkable achievement of breaking the world record and his prospect of breaking the two-hour barrier for a marathon electrified the running world, elevating the Alphafly series to mythical status.

However, Nike’s latest release has left many enthusiasts fuming as they struggled to secure a pair amidst a frenzy of online shoppers.

The shoes, weighing a mere 218 grams with a heel-to-toe drop of 8mm and a stack height of 40mm at the heel, were snatched up within minutes, leaving scores of aspiring buyers empty-handed.

Countless Runners Left Empty-Handed After Another Nike Alphafly Drop 2

Adding insult to injury, the sold-out shoes promptly began surfacing on resale platforms like eBay, commanding exorbitant prices of over £500.

This sellout marks the second instance of overwhelming demand for the Alphafly 3, following a similar scenario during its initial release in January.

The shoe’s popularity highlights the growing obsession with marathon footwear, particularly those featuring carbon-plated technology.

However, Nike isn’t the sole provocateur in this high-stakes game of sneaker supremacy. Adidas, too, faced a comparable situation with its Adizero Adios Pro 1s, following Tigist Assefa’s record-breaking performance at the Berlin Marathon last September.

The escalating demand for super shoes shows the pivotal role of technology in contemporary athletics.

Countless Runners Left Empty-Handed After Another Nike Alphafly Drop 3

The introduction of carbon-plated shoes, epitomized by Nike’s Vaporfly and Alphafly models, has sparked heated debates surrounding fairness and performance enhancement in competitive running.

While records continue to tumble under the influence of cutting-edge footwear, governing bodies have imposed limitations on stack heights for both track and road running, ensuring a semblance of parity among athletes.

As the dust settles on yet another sellout saga, the fervor surrounding Nike’s Alphafly 3 is a reminder of the relentless pursuit of every marginal gain in the world of marathon running.

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