Saucony Vs Brooks Running Shoe Comparison

When walking into a running store the sheer number of running shoe choices can be overwhelming. There are Asics, Hoka, Nike, Adidas, Altra, Saucony, and Brooks, just to name a few. You’ll see road running shoes, trail running sneakers, race day shoes and daily trainers. How to choose? Two of the most popular running shoe … Read more

Nike Vs Adidas Running Shoe Comparison

When you walk into a store to pick out a pair of shoes, you are greeted with a colorful wall of various styles of sportswear and sports brands. Hoka, Puma, Saucony, Brooks, Reebok, Under Armour, Nike, Adidas; the sheer number of footwear brands can feel overwhelming. Therefore, many runners often go through the process of … Read more

Preworkout For Running: Should You Take It?

Can drinking a preworkout before a training session improve your running performance? Have you ever had a session planned for after work, but as it becomes time to clock out and head to the track, your energy levels are drained from a long day at the office?  Or maybe you planned a long run but … Read more

Neutral vs Stability Running Shoes Compared: Which Are Best For You?

Neutral and stability running shoes are two of the most common types of running shoes, but many runners are unsure which option to choose when making the purchasing decision.

Is it better to run in neutral running shoes if you haven’t dealt with many injuries in the past? Is it better to choose a stabilityrunning shoe if you have battled injuries? 

Neutral running shoes offer flexibility and cushioning for a natural stride, while stability running shoes provide support to control pronation and guide foot motion. Both have their pros and cons.

Injinji Toe Socks Review

Injinji is an innovative, California-based toe sock brand that was founded in 1999. Their dream? Foot comfort – and boy have they succeeded. Their unique five-toe sock design lets adventurers like you and I enjoy our journeys rather than worry about our feet. In this review, we’ll explore the outstanding benefits of the Injinji toe … Read more

What Running Shoes Should I Buy? How To Choose Running Shoes

There are now tons of running shoes at a variety of price points to help serve runners with differing budgets and specific needs. Almost every major running shoe brand now offers running shoes with a variety of cushioning levels, from minimalistic barefoot shoes to maximalist shoes with plush cushioning. There are also running shoes that … Read more

Tennis Shoes Vs Running Shoes: What’s The Difference, and Are They Interchangeable?

Distinguishing between tennis shoes and running shoes goes beyond pure style choices. People seemingly use the terms “tennis shoes“ and “running shoes“ loosely and interchangeably to describe sneakers. However, each shoe style serves a distinct purpose with key differences tailored to the specific athletic demands of the sport they’re designed for. Fundamentally, tennis shoes are … Read more

Nike’s Alphafly vs Vaporfly: What Separates The Shoe Giant’s Two Flagship Supershoes?

The Nike Vaporfly 3 and Nike Zoom Alphafly Next are two of Nike’s premium high-performance running shoes. These high-performing super shoes are considered to be some of the best Nike running shoes yet and have been worn for many record-setting races. But, what are the differences between the Nike Alphafly 2 vs Vaporfly? In this … Read more

Our Editor Picks Of The 4 Best Nike Stability Shoes For Runners Who Overpronate

Running shoes have traditionally been divided into two categories to cater to different types of runners based on the rotation of their foot: neutral and stability. Neutral running shoes are designed for runners who have a balanced and natural gait without excessive inward rolling of the foot, known as pronation. Neutral shoes provide runners with … Read more