Sifan Hassan Shows her Versatility at Chicago Marathon by Running a New Course Record and the Second Fastest Marathon Ever

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Sifan Hassan has solidified her status as an unstoppable force across various distances, demonstrating her prowess at the 2023 Chicago Marathon

In a historic display, Hassan broke records and secured victory with a course-record time of 2:13:44, leaving two-time defending champion Ruth Chepngetich in her wake.

Hassan’s remarkable achievement not only marked a course record but also placed her second on the list of the fastest women’s marathon times, behind Tissget Assefa‘s recent record-breaking performance of 2:11:53 at the 2023 Berlin Marathon. 

Notably, the previous course record of 2:14:04, set by Brigid Kosgei in 2019, was itself a world record testament to the exceptional standards of the Chicago Marathon.

What makes Hassan’s feat even more impressive is the taxing nature of her competitive season leading up to the Chicago Marathon. 

Many had reservations about her ability to perform at her best, given her busy schedule. However, Hassan defied expectations, adding another impressive achievement to her already illustrious career.

Hassan’s journey into the marathon world began last year in London when she made her debut and secured victory while simultaneously setting a Dutch national record. 

This year, she continued her dominance in London, claiming another triumph and setting another Dutch national record. 

Her consistent success across various distances underscores her versatility as an athlete.

Throughout the Chicago Marathon, Hassan and Chepngetich displayed remarkable endurance and skill, remaining neck and neck for the majority of the race. 

Both athletes crossed the halfway point at an astonishingly swift time of 1:05:42, indicating their intense competition.

However, at the 30k mark, with Hassan clocking in at 1:34:00, a noticeable gap began to emerge between the two contenders. Chepngetich closely followed with a time of 1:34:10. 

As the race progressed, Hassan’s determination and stamina allowed her to widen the distance between herself and her rival.

Hassan’s triumphant victory in the Chicago Marathon marked a remarkable conclusion to the race. 

Across the line, Hassan spoke to NBC5 Chicago, describing her elation, “Just so grateful. I’m so happy. But the last 5 kilometers, I was telling myself never again”

Her unwavering determination and exceptional performance propelled her to the finish line, with Chepngetich trailing by approximately two minutes, completing the marathon in 2:15:37

The podium was rounded out by Megertu Alemu of Ethiopia, who finished in third place with a time of 2:17:23.

Sifan Hassan’s historic victory at the 2023 Chicago Marathon, with a course-record time of 2:13:44, cements her position as an elite marathoner. 

Hassan’s consistent dominance across various distances further underscores her exceptional athleticism, leaving no doubt that she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of long-distance running.

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