Sisay Lemma Wins 2024 Boston Marathon

Evans Chebet is denied his three-peat

Sisay Lemma Wins 2024 Boston Marathon 1
Photo: Derek Call

The 128th edition of the Boston Marathon, the city’s biggest holiday, promised to be an unforgettable day, and it didn’t disappoint.

The men’s field featured a stacked lineup, with defending champion Evans Chebet competing among some of the best in the world, including sub-2:02 marathoner Sisay Lemma, breakout runner Zouhair Talbi, and home-crowd favorite CJ Albertson.

Sisay Lemma Wins 2024 Boston Marathon 2

From the gun, Japan’s Yuma Morii pushed the pace, using the downhills to his advantage to create a 100m gap on the field in the first kilometer alone. Three minutes into the race, the 2:14:36 marathoner was out solo in the world’s most historic race.

However, his TV time wouldn’t last more than ten minutes as the top dogs of the elite group easily managed the gap and brought him back.

Not long after, the race’s fastest seed, Sisay Lemma (2:01:48), took charge of the race and began to put his foot on the gas.

Only a few competitors were able to match his surge, including two-time champion Evans Chebet. However, Lemma eventually began to break away from this small selection.

Sisay Lemma Wins 2024 Boston Marathon 3

Lemma continued with his solo effort, taking advantage of the downhills in the first half of the race and crossing that mark in 1:00:35. The real test of Boston, though, isn’t in the first half of the race; it’s the Newton Hills in the back end of the race.

As Lemma made it to the notorious Newton Hills, he maintained a gap to the chasers. Although he continued to push forward, defending champion Chebet wasn’t willing to give up his crown without a fight.

With a strong surge in pace, Chebet began to take the chase to Lemma seriously and was making a dent in the gap.

However, his effort was started just a bit too late. Lemma created just enough of a gap to hold off Chebet to the line.

Lemma, taking his first Boston Marathon win, crossed the line in 2:06:17.

Men’s Top 10 Results

Sisay Lemma12:06:17
Mohamed Esa22:06:58
Evans Chebet32:07:22
John Korir42:07:40
Albert Korir52:07:47
Isaac Mpofu62:08:17
CJ Albertson72:09:53
Yuma Morii82:09:59
Cybrian Kotut92:10:29
Zouhair Talbi102:10:45
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