Strava Releases Flyover Feature So You Can Relive Your Activities In 3D

Subscribers can now watch their activities from a birds-eye view on a 3D map


Strava, the runner’s social media of choice, has recently launched a new mapping feature called ‘Flyover.’ The new tool allows subscribers to get a birds-eye view of their GPS activities in 3D.

The Flyover feature shows users a 3D video following the route of their activity, allowing them a better visualization of the covered and surrounding terrain.  

Additionally, the new feature also works with virtual activities that have virtual GPS tracks.

The company’s recent acquisition earlier this year of San Francisco company FATMAP allows them to leverage their 3D mapping technology to make the new feature possible.

A statement from Strava on Flyover read, “The new feature is the latest integration of FATMAP’s mapping technology into the platform.”

Since its inception in 2009, Strava has made significant growth in its mapping features. 

In 2017, the company released its global heatmap, allowing app users to see the roads and trails around the world that were run and cycled on the most. Growing on that, the app allowed users to use said heatmap to plan activity routes accordingly.

In 2020, Strava revamped its subscriber-only mapping features to include other route-building amenities.

“Along with acquiring the outdoor adventure platform earlier this year, Strava has been rolling out additional features for athletes to enjoy, such as winter 3D maps, maps and route creation, custom waypoints, route details, and photos via the online route builder.”

Subscribers will be able to use the new Flyover feature to relive any of their own activities or other users’ activities they have access to. Non-subscribers have the ability to view other subscribers’ Flyovers that have enabled them but not their own.

To use the new feature, tap on the map of the activity to open its more detailed screen. Then, head to the bottom right corner, tap the Flyover button and enjoy your birds-eye view. 

Currently, there is no option to export or share your Flyovers from the app itself. However, most phones come with a built-in screen record option, which can be used to capture the Flyover instead.

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