20 Week Advanced Marathon Training Plan (Elite/Intense)

Our 20 week Advanced Marathon Training Plan (INTENSE) is our toughest and most elite marathon training plan.

It is based on the Advanced Marathon Training Plan, but replaces one of the easy runs with an extra speed work day. This means two days of speedwork per week; 5 days of running, one day of cross-training, and one rest day.

Note: this training program is for people aiming to crush it and reach for the ‘elite’ section. Even if you’ve run several marathons before, this training plan might not be for you. If you’re training for Boston or to truly compete, then you’re in the right place.

Keep scrolling to access the training plan for free in PDF or editable Google Sheets format in both miles and kilometers.

The Elite Marathon Training Plan: Essential Info

Who Is It For?:

Ambitious, experienced runners who are looking to train for the fastest marathon of their lives and seriously compete in a race.

Runners who have a good existing running base and want to really push their limits in their marathon effort. Perhaps you’ve already run a few marathons and are looking to set a new PB. You should already be capable of training six times per week, and run 10 miles continuously. 

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How Long?: 

Five months // 20 weeks.  

How Many Days Per Week?:

The training program features 5 days of running workouts, plus one day of cross-training – leaving one day of rest per week.

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Training Breakdown: What Will Your Weekly Schedule Consist Of?

This plan starts off with a good level of intensity, and continually rachets it up. 

Training Runs are there to add to your mileage and get time on your feet – both essential in any marathon training schedule. These should be done at close-to your target marathon pace; they should be sustainable but requiring some effort.

Pace Runs should be done at your intended marathon pace. If you’re not training for a particular marathon finishing time, you may wish to consider one of the intermediate training plans instead.

Cross Training is there to compliment your run training, and give your legs a break. Cross-training improves your cardiovascular health and strengthens some of the muscles weakened through running, thereby reducing your chance of injury. Recommended cross-training exercises include bodyweight exerciseslight gym work, swimmingyogapilates, and cycling!

Check out our cross training guide for runners to learn more.

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Intervals are included so you can work on your speed; the method included in this training plan is essentially that of Yasso 800s.   Run for 800m at a high intensity level, where you are uncomfortable, and then bring it right down to a comfortable job for 800m.   Repeat as many times as the plan calls for.

Tempo Runs also build speed; you should start off slow and easy (first 10 mins), then gradually build speed until you are pushing yourself to marathon pace, or to the point of discomfort; then slow down back to an easy run for the last 5-10 minutes.

You can utilize our Marathon Pace Calculator to calculate your target pace and even splits based on a particular finish time goal. We recommend setting a pace target of 5 to 10 minutes faster than your finish time goal to give yourself some headroom and account for any delays.

Long runs should be performed at a slow, conversational pace – don’t worry about speed when doing your long runs, focus on getting the hours on your feet in.   If you try and do your long runs at marathon pace, you’ll end up overtraining and getting fatigued.   If in doubt, run the long runs at 60 – 90 seconds per mile slower than your planned marathon pace.  Note that the training plan includes 3 x 20 mile runs to really solidify your base.   Anything over 20 miles really just increases the risk of burnout.

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Proven Training Plans by a UESCA-Certified Running Coach 

Every one of our training plans has been developed by Thomas Watson, a UESCA-certified running coach.

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