Evans Chebet Headlines 2024 Boston Marathon Elite Men’s Field As He Goes For Historic Three-Peat


Anticipation is rising for the 128th Boston Marathon presented by Bank of America, with the spotlight on the recent unveiling of the men’s elite field. 

A strong mix of seasoned veterans and rising stars from across the globe are set to compete in the prestigious event.

Evans Chebet Headlines 2024 Boston Marathon Elite Men's Field As He Goes For Historic Three-Peat 1

Two-Time Defending Champion Evans Chebet Targets Historic Three-Peat

Headlining the elite men’s field is 35-year-old Kenyan Evans Chebet, who will be looking for a historic day at the 128th Boston Marathon.

Chebet, the two-time reigning champion, is eyeing an unprecedented three-peat after his remarkable victories in 2023 and 2022. 

Having secured back-to-back wins, Chebet aims to make history by becoming the first three-time champion since 2008. 

His familiarity with the Boston course and determination to defend his title makes him a serious contender.

Evans Chebet Headlines 2024 Boston Marathon Elite Men's Field As He Goes For Historic Three-Peat 2
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International Contenders Bring Strong Competition

Chebet’s historic day will not come without some pushback from a strong field of competition.

Sisay Lemma, the fourth-fastest marathoner in the world, joins the elite field after an impressive win at the Valencia Marathon, clocking 2:01:48

The competition intensifies with Tanzania’s Gabriel Geay, the 2023 Boston Marathon runner-up, and Albert Korir of Kenya, the 2023 New York City Marathon champion. 

The field is packed with a group of eight standout runners boasting sub-2:05 lifetime bests.

The field also showcases a diverse mix of international talent, including Olympian Suguru Osako from Japan, Norwegian Olympic marathoner Sondre Moen, and Moroccan Zouhair Talbi, the recent Houston Marathon winner.

The race features Kenyan debutant Edward Cheserek, a 22-time NCAA Champion at Oregon, adding another element of excitement to the competition. 

Boston veterans like Joshua Belet, Ronald Korir, Cyprian Kotut, Haftu Teklu, and Shura Kitata, all add to the promise of a thrilling contest.

Evans Chebet Headlines 2024 Boston Marathon Elite Men's Field As He Goes For Historic Three-Peat 3

American Representation

Representing the USA is B.A.A. High-Performance Team member Matt McDonald, a 2:09:49 marathoner, and CJ Albertson, the world record holder at 50K. 

McDonald expresses his enthusiasm, stating to B.A.A., “As a member of the B.A.A. who lives and trains in Boston, I can’t imagine spending Patriots’ Day doing anything other than running the Boston Marathon.”

Bank of America, the presenting partner, extends its support to all top contenders in the elite field. Athletes will compete for a prize purse exceeding $1 million, with additional bonuses for outstanding record-breaking performances.

The 128th Boston Marathon promises an electrifying showcase of top talent, featuring the world’s best marathoners vying for glory on the historic streets of Boston.

You can find the full men’s elite field below.

Sisay LemmaETH2:01:48 (Valencia, 2023)
Evans ChebetKEN2:03:00 (Valencia, 2020)
Gabriel GeayTAN2:03:00 (Valencia, 2022) NR
Joshua BeletKEN2:04:18 (Amsterdam, 2023)
Ronald KorirKEN2:04:22 (Berlin, 2023)
Cyprian KotutKEN2:04:34 (Amsterdam, 2023)
Haftu TekluETH2:04:43 (Berlin, 2023)
Shura KitataETH2:04:49 (London, 2018)
John KorirKEN2:05:01 (Chicago, 2022)
Mohamed EsaETH2:05:05 (Amsterdam, 2022)
Suguru OsakoJPN2:05:29 (Tokyo, 2020)
Sondre MoenNOR2:05:48 (Fukuoka, 2017) AR
Filmon AndeERI2:06:38 (Barcelona, 2021)
Zouhair TalbiMAR2:06:39 (Houston, 2024)
Isaac MpofuZIM2:06:48 (Valencia, 2022) NR
Albert KorirKEN2:06:57 (New York City, 2023)
Kento OtsuJPN2:08:15 (Otsu, 2021)
Ryoma TakeuchiJPN2:08:40 (Hofu, 2023)
Segundo JamiECU2:09:05 (Valencia, 2023) NR
Tsegay TuemayERI2:09:07 (Daegu, 2019)
Matt McDonaldUSA2:09:49 (Chicago, 2022)
David NilssonSWE2:10:09 (Valencia, 2020)
Tristan WoodfineCAN2:10:39 (Houston, 2024)
CJ AlbertsonUSA2:10:52 (Duluth, 2022)
Chris ThompsonGBR2:10:52 (London, 2021)
Edward CheserekKEN2:11:07 (New York City, 2023)
Nick HaugerUSA2:12:59 (Sacramento, 2021)
Will NationUSA2:13:24 (Sacramento, 2021)
Joseph WhelonUSA2:13:39 (Duluth, 2019)
Ilie Alexandru CorneschiROU2:13:39 (Berlin, 2022)
Patrick SmythUSA2:13:47 (Sacramento, 2019)
Robert MirandaUSA2:14:43 (Sacramento, 2023)
Kristoffer MugrageUSA2:15:17 (Sacramento, 2022)
Craig HuntUSA2:15:29 (Chandler, 2020)
Primoz KobeSLO2:15:37 (Rotterdam, 2022)*
Aaron GruenUSA2:15:56 (Valley Cottage, 2023)
Lorenz BaumGER2:15:57 (Cologne, 2023)
Taiyo AkiyamaJPN2:16:03 (Tokyo, 2023)
Andrew McCannUSA2:17:07 (Sacramento, 2022)
MAtt RandUSA2:17:11 (Valley Cottage, 2023)
Ryan EilerUSA2:17:16 (Philadelphia, 2023)
Prescott LeachUSA2:17:30 (Sacramento, 2023)
Qianyu ChengCHN2:17:33 (Hangzhou, 2022)
Jason AyrUSA2:18:14 (Houston, 2022)
Grant O’ConnorUSA2:18:28 (Jersey City, 2023)
Mauricio Mendez CruzMEX2:18:36 (Berlin, 2022)
Jared SchatzUSA2:18:49 (Valley Cottage, 2023)
Jonathan KotterUSA2:19:00 (St. George, 2022)
Brad KahlefeldtAUS2:19:30 (Zurich, 2023)*
Miguel MoroneBRA2:19:33 (Berlin, 2023)*
Duston BybeeUSA2:19:48 (St. George, 2023)*
Giles RubioFRA2:20:14 (Valencia, 2022)*
Joel ConnUSA2:20:16 (Duluth, 2023)*
Tyler ButterfieldBER2:21:47 (Otsu, 2019)* NR
Miguel Ferrer MuroESP2:21:47 (Valencia, 2022)*
Roman FostiEST2:22:16 (Tallinn, 2023)*
Meng-Tsung (Steve) ChuTWN2:22:54 (Edmonton, 2023)*
Yemane HaileselassieERIDebut
*Denoted Masters Division (40+)
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