Ingebrigtsen Brothers Set to Star in New Amazon Prime Series

Will we see Jakob's rivalry with Kerr on the big screens?

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The Ingebrigtsen brothers, renowned in the world of athletics for their talent and occasional drama, are gearing up for a sensational return to television screens. 

After the success of their previous series, Team Ingebrigtsen, the trio—Henrik, Filip, and Jakob—are set to captivate audiences once again in a brand-new documentary series, this time in collaboration with American streaming giant Amazon Prime.

Henrik Ingebrigtsen expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “We have agreed to a project that will accompany us through sporting ups and downs in the near future.” 

He further emphasized their involvement in shaping the series’ content, marking a significant aspect of their decision to embark on this journey.

Ingebrigtsen Brothers Set to Star in New Amazon Prime Series 1

The series is expected to offer viewers an intimate glimpse into the lives of the Ingebrigtsen brothers and their families as they navigate the demanding world of professional athletics. 

Henrik, Filip, and Jakob, along with their respective partners, will share their experiences, triumphs, and challenges, providing audiences with unprecedented access to their lives.

While a number of details about the series remain undisclosed, it’s evident that Amazon Prime’s involvement marks a strategic shift towards a broader international audience

With a staggering 150 million subscribers worldwide, the series is poised to reach viewers far beyond Norwegian borders, offering a unique perspective on the brothers’ relentless pursuit of glory.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen, a rising star in international athletics, is expected to be at the forefront of the series as he embarks on a quest to defend his Olympic and European Championship titles in the 1500 meters against viral rival Josh Kerr, alongside his aspirations for gold in the 5000 meters. 

Ingebrigtsen Brothers Set to Star in New Amazon Prime Series 2

The series, produced by Norwegian company Salto Film and Television, is shrouded in anticipation as production commences, with the Ingebrigtsen brothers preparing for a season filled with athletic milestones and personal milestones alike. 

While details surrounding the series’ content remain under wraps, fans can rest assured that they will be treated to an enthralling portrayal of one of athletics’ most iconic families.

As more information about the series premiere comes to light, audiences worldwide eagerly await the opportunity to witness the Ingebrigtsen brothers’ intriguing journey unfold on screen, providing insight into the world of athletics’ most famous family like never before. 

Stay tuned for more updates as this exciting project continues to take shape.

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