Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr

The Norwegian star is looking for all marginal gains ahead of the Olympic year

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Jakob Ingebrigsten has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in the world of middle-distance track running. Olympic Champion, World Champion, European Champion, and World Record Holder are just some of the titles among his palmares.

One of the most dominant runners in events ranging from the 1500m to the 5000m, Ingebrigsten is looking to elevate his performance through strategic improvements and marginal gains as he eyes the 2024 Paris Olympic Games.

His most recent tactical change? Announcing his partnership with COROS.

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 1
Courtesy of COROS

After meticulously examining every facet of his training regimen to maximize his performance, Ingerbrigsten’s partnerships with COROS marks a significant move in his journey, as he becomes another track athlete to finally harnesses the power of data to fine-tune his training approaches.

“I am reaching a point in my career where I need to work on all the small things…I am at such a high level that minor changes for the better can mean big improvements. With the data I am collecting, I believe I can have some marginal gains, which is exactly what I need for the future,” Ingebrigtsen said of his move to COROS.

Ingebrigsten’s journey towards sustained success is underpinned by an insatiable desire to outdo himself, his predecessors, and his competitors. Diving deep into the realm of performance data, Jakob acknowledges the pivotal role it plays in bridging the chasm between victory and defeat. 

Recognizing that even the slightest adjustments can yield monumental improvements, Ingebrigsten places great emphasis on monitoring his heart rate, particularly during endurance and threshold sessions. With the aid of COROS’s cutting-edge technology, he gains invaluable insights into his training, facilitating incremental gains that are indispensable for future success.

As Ingebrigsten embarks on his quest for glory in the upcoming season, he meticulously lays the groundwork for his campaign, prioritizing the establishment of a robust foundation before delving into high-intensity training. 

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 2
Courtesy of COROS

Early Season Test Against The Best

Ingerbrigsten is approaching an early season challenge that will put to test this latest strategic shift with COROS.

In a highly-anticipated clash that promises to electrify the track world, the Prefontaine Classic announced the star-studded lineup for the Bowerman Mile at this year’s event on May 25. Headlining the race are none other than Ingebrigtsen and arch rival Josh Kerr.

The upcoming showdown will be the first meeting between Ingebrigtsen and Kerr since their dramatic encounter at the 2023 World Championship final in Budapest. 

Yared Nuguse, the American record holder, will also be in the mix, making the anticipation for this showdown sky-high.

Recent battles between these three athletes have only added to the intrigue. 

Kerr’s victory over Ingebrigtsen at the 1500m world title in Budapest was a defining moment, while Ingebrigtsen’s triumph over Nuguse in the Bowerman Mile showcased his sheer dominance. Kerr and Nuguse’s recent exploits at the World Indoor Championships further heighten the excitement for their upcoming clash.

Fueling the expectations surrounding this race is the long-time rivalry between Kerr and Ingebrigtsen, characterized by a war of words, fierce competition, and “track beef.” 

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 3
Courtesy of COROS

What To Know Heading Into The Showdown Of The Ages

1) Kerr vs Ingebrigtsen: A Long-Awaited Face Off

The clash between Kerr and Ingebrigtsen has been a long time coming. Following their epic battle at the World Championships, fans have been clamoring for a rematch. The fact that they have committed to facing each other before the Olympics is a testament to their competitive spirit and dedication to the sport. With the Bowerman Mile serving as the backdrop, this showdown promises to be one for the ages.

2) Kerr’s Surprise Entry

While Ingebrigtsen’s presence at the Pre Classic is hardly surprising given his track record at the event, Kerr’s decision to join the fray adds an unexpected twist. Known for his selective approach to racing, Kerr’s entry signals his confidence and willingness to take on the best in the world, including his main rival.

3) Ingebrigtsen’s Return to Form

After battling an Achilles injury that sidelined him for the indoor season, all eyes will be on Ingebrigtsen as he makes his return to competition. The Norwegian phenom’s remarkable consistency on the Diamond League circuit has established him as a force to be reckoned with. As he gears up for his first race back, questions linger over his form and fitness. 

4) A Jam-Packed Year for Ingebrigtsen

In addition to his athletic pursuits, Ingebrigtsen is set to take center stage in a new documentary series produced by Amazon Prime. With the Olympics and the impending arrival of his first child on the horizon, 2024 promises to be a whirlwind year for the Norwegian superstar. The documentary series, slated for release later this year, will offer fans a behind-the-scenes look at the Ingebrigtsen brothers’ journey to greatness.

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 4
Courtesy of COROS

A Glimpse Into Ingebrigsten’s Training

Thanks to his new partnership with COROS, we got an inside look into Ingebrigsten’s training and data as he builds up to this early-season rivalry and his bigger goals at the Olympic Games.

With his return to training following injury, there’s a noticeable surge in his Base Fitness, soaring from a score of 137 to 184 within the last three weeks.

Keeping tabs on Training Load and Base Fitness proves to be an invaluable asset for Ingebrigtsen and fellow athletes, providing insights into the evolution of their fitness levels throughout the year.

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 5
Courtesy of COROS

Ingebrigtsen emphasizes the significance of laying a solid foundation as he gears up for the 2024 race season. 

Prioritizing volume over intensity, he spoke about the risk of premature intensity escalation, stating, “With this high load, too much intensity is not a good mix. It’s all about getting strong enough to handle the pre-season phase and early races.”

Ingebrigtsen and his brothers prioritize cultivating endurance and threshold throughout the year, recognizing its role in facilitating a smooth transition to early-season races. 

While acknowledging the universal desire for a strong start, Ingebrigtsen highlights the complexity of managing early-season races within the broader season.

Furthermore, Jakob uses races to enhance his race-specific fitness, stating, “We use different races in preparation for championships. Ultimately, I have a big peak in mid-July and August, so my races during the end of May and June are a way to increase my fitness going into the season.”

With a focus on peak events, Jakob meticulously structures his training regimen. By deliberately inducing fatigue during weekly sessions, he aims to strike a balance where he can perform workouts at the desired speeds despite the accumulated fatigue. 

This approach yields optimal training effects for him, as consistency in executing key sessions week after week leads to tangible results over time.

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 6
Courtesy of COROS

Ingebrigtsen’s Staple Weekly Workout

One workout that remains a staple for Ingebrigsten is a 400m track workout. 

Following his warm-up, Jakob completes 25x400m intervals at a pace ranging between 5k and 10k pace, with a 30-second recovery interval, finishing with a cooldown.

Jakob remarks, “I do this workout every week. It’s one of the sessions we have done the most. Our program is set from Monday-Sunday from Oct-April.  Been the same for 15 years with some minor adjustments.”  

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 7
Courtesy of COROS

While Jakob began this workout with 16x400m intervals at a younger age, it has evolved over the years to encompass 20x400m and now 25x400m repetitions. 

He reflects, “The last 4-5 reps is quite tough considering the muscles and the fatigue, but your body and your heart/lungs can still manage. This is when you know you did the session correct.”

As Jakob harnesses data to propel his season, he acknowledges the limitless possibilities it affords. “There are so many features in the app. Having the ability to dig deeper and collect data…There is no ceiling to what you can find and that is quite cool.”

Jakob Ingebrigsten Partners With COROS Ahead Of Head-To-Head Battle Against Rival Josh Kerr 8
Courtesy of COROS

COROS eagerly anticipates collaborating with Jakob as he continues to redefine the boundaries of achievement.

“With me trying to improve all the time, there are things I can benefit from with having data on everything that I’m doing. Together with COROS, and understanding how to best use metrics, we can improve the use and analysis of data for performance.”

With the support of COROS, Jakob embarks on a journey of data-driven growth, fueled by an insatiable thirst for excellence. As he continues to chart new territories on the track, the world waits with anticipation for what the 2024 season will bring to Ingerbrigsten.

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