Distance Runner Kara Goucher’s Memoir Is Making Waves In the Running Community and Beyond


Last Tuesday, American distance runner Kara Goucher released her memoir The Longest Race: Inside the Secret World of Abuse, Doping, and Deception on Nike’s Elite Running Team.

It’s a powerful book about her experience training under her former coach, Alberto Salazar, and her bravery in speaking out about the scandals.

Goucher spoke about her book on Good Morning America, where she revealed that she is the person who reached out to the US Center for SafeSport about Alberto Salazar’s sexual assault and other instances of grave misconduct.

Goucher’s memoir, The Longest Race: Inside the Secret World of Abuse, Doping, and Deception on Nike’s Elite Running Team, discusses her rise to one of the world’s best distance runners under the guidance of Salazar, who was the legendary distance running coach of the Nike Oregon Project.

Goucher was invited to join the elite Nike Oregon Project in 2004 after standing out as a three-time NCAA champion.

Soon after joining Salazar’s team, Goucher’s already impressive running career took off, seeing her take home a silver medal at the World Championships, compete at the Olympics on two different occasions, and earn podium finishes at the New York City Marathon and Boston Marathon.

However, despite her success and her dedication to training and competing with the utmost integrity, Goucher became privy to Salazar’s seedy practices.

Her memoir describes how Salazar pushed the limits of anti-doping rules.

Furthermore, Gaucher describes her experience as being one that was characterized by a culture of abuse and misogyny and speaks to how she had to compartmentalize everything that was going on behind the scenes when she was training and competing.

Her memoir is gripping, powerful, and a must-read for any runner interested in that only learning from one of the best athletes in a sport, but also one with tremendous bravery, integrity, and a keen sense of doing the right thing.

You can also hear Kara Goucher speak directly about her book and her experiences on Chris McClung’s Running Rogue Podcast. 

Goucher also hosts the Clean Sport Collective podcast, which focuses on fair play and integrity in distance running and other endurance sports. She also co-hosts the podcast Nobody Asked Us with Des & Kara, a general running commentary podcast covering many interesting running-related topics.

Additionally, you can follow Goucher’s career and happenings on her website

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