Sound Running’s The TEN Sees Fastest 10,000m On U.S. Soil And 12 Runners Under Olympic Standard

Grant Fisher leads a near historic eight men sub-27:00

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The 2024 edition of Sound Running’s The TEN boasted one of the deepest fields in any American 10,000m race. The event unfolded under the lights on a crisp Saturday evening in Southern California with no shortage of thrilling storylines. 

The favorable conditions of mild temperatures in the mid-50s and minimal winds at just 3 mph contributed to a conducive environment for fast-paced performances, making it an exceptional night for some fast running.

Sound Running's The TEN Sees Fastest 10,000m On U.S. Soil And 12 Runners Under Olympic Standard 1

Spearheading the event was Grant Fisher, whose tactical astuteness propelled him to victory in the fiercely contested 10,000m race.

Despite hiding behind for the majority of the competition, Fisher unleashed a powerful surge in the final stretch, overtaking former teammate Moh Ahmed to claim the top spot with an impressive time of 26:52.04

His triumphant finish not only secured the win but also led a total of eight competitors under the elusive 27:00.00 Olympic standard. The only other race that has seen more sub-27:00s was the 2011 Pre Classic, where nine men wrote history.

Reflecting on his remarkable achievement, Fisher expressed satisfaction in meeting the rigorous standard set for the event. 

“I mean to hit the standard, that was the goal and I got it done so it feels good,” Fisher said on the broadcast after the race. “It was the perfect race setup and a lot of guys did a lot of work, not including myself so I really appreciate them.”

Sound Running's The TEN Sees Fastest 10,000m On U.S. Soil And 12 Runners Under Olympic Standard 2

Acknowledging the collective effort of his fellow competitors, Fisher emphasized the pivotal role of the race in his journey toward the Paris Olympics, highlighting the significance of securing such a performance. 

I think anybody in this race would rather get 15th place and run 26:59 than win and 27:01. So getting the time, that’s the game right now. This was a key step to get to Paris. I needed this in my pocket. So good to have it done, now I’ll focus on the Trials.”

Amidst the intense competition, Northern Arizona University standout Nico Young secured second place with a remarkable time of 26:52.72

Young’s stellar performance shattered the collegiate record previously held by Sam Chelanga, solidifying his position as the first collegiate athlete in history to clock under 27:00

His meteoric rise in the world of long-distance running was further highlighted by his recent achievements, including a series of record-breaking runs and a dominant display at the NCAA championships.

Andreas Almgren clocked in at 26:52.87, setting a new Swedish record, while Ahmed finished close behind at 26:53.01. Joining them were Habtom Samuel, Adrian Wildschutt, Woody Kincaid, and Edwin Kurgat of Kenya/Under Armour Dark Sky Distance, all achieving times under the Olympic standard. 

Sound Running's The TEN Sees Fastest 10,000m On U.S. Soil And 12 Runners Under Olympic Standard 3

In the women’s category, Tsigie Gebreselama of Ethiopia left her mark on the track, making history as the first woman to achieve a sub-30:00 time on US soil. Clocking an impressive 29:48.34, Gebreselama’s remarkable feat was well under the Olympic standard of 30:40.00.

Adding to the evening’s thrill was the exceptional performance of Weini Kelati, who’s quickly become a crowd favorite following her breakthrough performance at the Aramco Houston Half Marathon. Kelati’s impressive time of 30:33.82 not only secured her a spot among the elite competitors but also the Olympic standard.

Among the rest of the women’s field, two others clocked under the elusive 30:40.00.

Australia’s Lauren Ryan rounded out the podium, clocking 30:33.82, with Great Britain’s Megan Keith following closely behind in 30:36.84.

Overall, The TEN event served as a premier platform for a slew of Olympic standard performances and showcased the best of long-distance running. 

You can find the full list of athletes who hit Olympic standard at The TEN below:

Sound Running's The TEN Sees Fastest 10,000m On U.S. Soil And 12 Runners Under Olympic Standard 4

Men’s 10,000m (Standard: 27:00.00)

  1. Grant Fisher, Nike | 26:52.04
  2. Nico Young, Northern Arizona University | 26:52.72
  3. Mohammed Ahmed, Nike Bowerman Track Club | 26.53.01
  4. Habtom Samuel, University of New Mexico | 26:53.84
  5. Adriaan Wildschutt, Hoka NAZ Elite | 26:55.54
  6. Woody Kincaid, Nike | 26:57.57
  7. Edwin Kurgat, Under Armour Dark Sky Distance | 26:57.66

Women’s 10,000m (Standard: 30:40.00)

  1. Tsigie Gebreselama, On Running | 29:48.34 
  2. Weini Kelati, Under Armour Dark Sky Distance | 30:33.82
  3. Lauren Ryan, Under Armour Baltimore Distance | 30:35.66
  4. Megan Keith, New Balance | 30:36.84
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