Meet The Runners Representing Canada At The 2024 Paris Olympics

The Canadian contingent has some unexpected, but strong additions.


While most eyes were on the drama of the 2024 U.S. Olympic Track & Field Team Trials, their northern neighbors were also hosting their Olympic Track & Field Trials. Despite the spotlight being on the American athletes, the Canadians will be sending a strong contingent of athletes to Paris this summer.

Meet The Runners Representing Canada At The 2024 Paris Olympics 1
Photo Credit: University of Toronto Athletics

Lucia Stafford Wins Third Canadian Title and Makes Second Olympic Games

Lucia Stafford earned herself an automatic berth to the Paris Olympics after clocking 4:10.14 to take first in the 1500m, two seconds ahead of Kate Current, who finished in 4:12.62.

Stafford is heading to her second consecutive Olympics after making it to the semifinals at Tokyo 2020.

Stafford’s sister, Gabriela Debues-Stafford, won the 5,000m at the Canadian Olympic Trials. However, she will have to wait until the Road to Paris list is finalized on Sunday, July 7, to learn whether or not she has a spot via the ranking.

Meet The Runners Representing Canada At The 2024 Paris Olympics 2
Photo Credit: Canadian Olympic Committee

Thrilling Men’s And Women’s 800m

Marco Arop, the reigning world champion over 800m, proved he was in winning form, setting a championship record of 1:43.53 to secure his spot to Paris.

“I knew that I was capable of getting back to the Olympics this year. I’m just happy to come out of this health and have another national championship,” he said to Olympic.ca. “I don’t think the target’s on my back. The title of world champion comes with that, but there are so many guys who are so strong and fast right now.”

Jazz Shukla had the 800m race of her life. She not only won the 800m national title but clocked 1:58.20, reaching the Olympic standard and earning her spot on the start line in Paris.

“It’s a big relief. This whole season, I’ve been knocking on that door, hoping I would have enough points to make it. But it’s a big relief to get the standard,” Shukla said to Olympic.ca. “This is my first Olympic Trials, my first national championship win. So I definitely did not expect that going in.”

Meet The Runners Representing Canada At The 2024 Paris Olympics 3
Photo Credit: University of Toronto Athletics

Full Qualification List

Audrey LEDUCWomen’s 100m / 200m / 4x100m
Jacqueline MADOGOWomen’s 200m / 4x100m / Provisional 100m
Lauren GALEWomen’s 400m / 4x400m
Zoe SHERARWomen’s 400m / 4x400m
Jazz SHUKLAWomen’s 800m
Lucia STAFFORDWomen’s 1500m
Simone PLOURDEWomen’s 1500m
Regan YEEWomen’s 5000m / 3000m Steeplechase
Mariam ABDUL-RASHIDWomen’s 100m Hurdles / 4x100m
Michelle HARRISONWomen’s 100m Hurdles
Savannah SUTHERLANDWomen’s 400m Hurdles / 4x400m
Ceili MCCABEWomen’s 3000m Steeplechase
Malindi ELMOREWomen’s Marathon
Andre DE GRASSEMen’s 100m / 200m / 4x100m
Aaron BROWNMen’s 100m / 200m / 4x100m
Duan ASEMOTAMen’s 100m / 4x100m
Brendon RODNEYMen’s 200m / 4x100m
Christopher MORALES WILLIAMSMen’s 400m
Marco AROPMen’s 800m
Kieran LUMBMen’s 1500m
Mohammed AHMEDMen’s 5000m / 10,000m
Benjamin FLANAGANMen’s 5000m
Thomas FAFARDMen’s 5000m
Jean-Simon DESGAGNESMen’s 3000m Steeplechase
Cameron LEVINSMen’s Marathon
Rory LINKLETTERMen’s Marathon
Evan DUNFEEMen’s 20km Race Walk / Marathon Race Walk Mixed Relay
Pierce LEPAGEMen’s Decathlon
Damian WARNERMen’s Decathlon
Olivia LUNDMANMarathon Race Walk Mixed Relay
Eliezer ADJIBIMen’s 4x100m
Jerome BLAKEMen’s 4x100m
Malachi MURRAYMen’s 4x100m
Marie-Éloïse LECLAIRWomen’s 4x100m
Crystal EMMANUEL-AHYEWomen’s 4x100m / Provisional 100m
Sade MCCREATHWomen’s 4x100m / Provisional 100m
Jasneet NIJJARWomen’s 4x400m
Kyra CONSTANTINEWomen’s 4x400m / Provisional 400m
Aiyanna STIVERNEWomen’s 4x400m / Provisional 400m
Madeline PRICEWomen’s 4x400m / Provisional 400m
Meet The Runners Representing Canada At The 2024 Paris Olympics 4
Photo Credit: Canadian Olympic Committee

Team Canada also has several athletes hoping to earn their qualification spots via the World Athletics Road to Paris list, which will be confirmed Sunday, July 7.

  • Jacqueline MADOGO – Women’s 100m
  • Sade MCCREATH – Women’s 100m
  • Crystal EMMANUEL-AHYE – Women’s 100m
  • Grace KONRAD – Women’s 400m
  • Madeline PRICE – Women’s 400m
  • Kyra CONSTANTINE – Women’s 400m
  • Aiyanna STIVERNE – Women’s 400m
  • Alyssa MARSH – Women’s 400m
  • Aurora RYNDA – Women’s 800m
  • Madeleine KELLY – Women’s 800m
  • Kate CURRENT – Women’s 1500m
  • Briana SCOTT – Women’s 5000m
  • Gabriela DEBUES-STAFFORD – Women’s 5000m
  • Julie-Anne STAEHLI – Women’s 5000m
  • Gracelyn LARKIN – Women’s 5000m
  • Erin TESCHUK – Women’s 5000m
  • Tatiana AHOLOU – Women’s 100m Hurdles
  • Sage WALKER – Women’s 400m Hurdles
  • Brooke OVERHOLT – Women’s 400m Hurdles
  • Grace FETHERSTONHAUGH Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
  • Jessica FURLAN Women’s 3000m Steeplechase
  • Michael ROTH Men’s 400m
  • Zakary MAMA-YARI Men’s 800m
  • Abdullahi HASSAN Men’s 800m
  • Matthew ERICKSON Men’s 800m
  • Cameron PROCEVIAT Men’s 1500m
  • Foster MALLECK Men’s 1500m
  • Craig THORNE Men’s 110m Hurdles
  • Justin ROSE Men’s 400m Hurdles
  • Kevin ROBERTSON Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
  • Aaron AHL Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
  • John GAY Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
  • Jordan MACINTOSH Men’s 3000m Steeplechase
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