Ramp Up 10k Training Plan

Ramp Up 10k Training Plan 1

Looking to challenge yourself, and perhaps set a new PR on your 10k?

This Ramp Up 10k Training Plan is for you!

As well as getting the required miles in, the plan features 1-2 days of speed work each week in order for your to improve your running economy and base running speed

Note: this plan assumes you are continuously running each training run.

Ramp Up 10k Training Plan 2

Ramp Up 10k Training Plan

Who is it for?: 

Established runners who have run 5k’s or 10k’s before, and are looking to run their best 10k.

If you’re new to running, check out my Couch To 10k Plans.

How Long?: 

4 weeks.

Not convinced this is the plan for you?

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How Many Days Per Week?:

The Ramp Up 10k Training Plan features 5 days of training per week; 4 days of running and 1 day of cross training.

Starting Ability

This plan is for established runners; you should be able to continuously run the distances in the plan.  

Speed Work – Intervals, Hilly Runs, Fartleks

This Ramp Up 10k Training Plan includes two days per week of speed work; this will be your secret sauce in improving your baseline speed and running economy.

Intervals are runs where you alternate between running fast (at a near unsustainable pace) then a slow jog. So for example, in week 1 of this plan, you should warm up with some jogging, then run 400m fast, followed by 400m slow.  Then repeat this, so you’ve completed two sets.

For Hilly Runs, try and find a route which has a few ups and downs; try and power through the climbs, and mix up your pace a little.

Fartleks are like free-form intervals; you simply decide how far and when to run fast and slow. Sprint to the tree, jog to the corner, then take off again!

Cross Training

Each week includes a cross training day; although these aren’t mandatory, I highly recommend them.


Cross training is meant to work on your cardiovascular health and strength some of the muscles weakened through running.

Recommended cross-training exercises include body weight exercises, light gym work, swimming, yoga, pilates, and cycling!

Long Runs

You should be factoring in one long, slow run every weekend.  These runs are all about increasing your endurance gradually. Remember to take it easy during them!

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Ramp Up 10k Training Plan 3

The most comprehensive plan you will find

Rated 5 out of 5
October 28, 2019

I had run a couple of half marathons and was in reasonable shape coming into the plan and it was a good rise in intensity throughout. You need to want to do an event like this – I was getting up at 3am to get my long run in before kids weekend sport etc and this was hard. When you combine the plan with the online community through the Marathon Handbook FB page and website, you get complete support. Have used this plan with great success and now looking at upping the pace in the marathon space… GREAT JOB!

Rob McCaw


Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2021




Rated 5 out of 5
May 10, 2021

Very informative!

Elmarie De Bruin