Couch to 10k Training Plan

Couch to 10k Training Plan 1

Here is our classic Couch to 10k Training Plan!

It’s designed to get anyone – regardless of their background and ability – to complete a 10k run.

It’s split into two sections; the first 4 weeks build up to 5k length, then the second 4 weeks increase up to 10k. 

Feel free to pause when you reach the 5k distance.

The plan is also designed for runners who don’t run continuously – if you’re more of a run/walk person, this plan is for you!

Couch to 10k Training Plan 2

The Best Couch to 10k Training Plan

Who is it for?: 

New runners looking to complete a 10k!

How Long?: 

8 weeks (minimum).   

Only progress to the next week when you are feeling comfortable to do so.

The plan doesn’t have a speed or pace focus at all – the objective is to get the required mileage in. 

Not convinced this is the plan for you?

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How Many Days Per Week?:

The training plan features 4-5 days of training per week.

Starting Ability

We’ve dialled this one in specifically for people with no prior running background.

It always helps if you’ve been running a little, or are active in other parts of your life, but neither of these are prerequisites.

Run / Walk

Struggling to continuously run the distances in the plan?

No problem!

The plan already assumes a walk/run approach for the first few weeks; you can adjust the ratio of walking/running to suit your ability level.

Adopt a structured run/walk approach, and you’ll be fine.

Try this; run for 2 minutes, walk for 1 minute.  Repeat.

If this is too much, increase the ratio so you’re walking more frequently.

As your body adjusts, you should find it easier to run more often than walk!

Cross Training

Each week includes a cross-training day; although these aren’t mandatory, I highly recommend them.


Cross training is meant to work on your cardiovascular health and strength some of the muscles weakened through running.

Recommended cross-training exercises include body weight exercises, light gym work, swimming, yoga, pilates, and cycling!

Long Runs In The Couch to 10k Training Plan

You should be factoring in one long, slow run every weekend.  These runs are all about increasing your endurance gradually. Remember to take it easy during them, don’t push things, and don’t worry about walking breaks – it’s all about building up that time on your feet.

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Couch to 10k Training Plan 3

The most comprehensive plan you will find

Rated 5 out of 5
October 28, 2019

I had run a couple of half marathons and was in reasonable shape coming into the plan and it was a good rise in intensity throughout. You need to want to do an event like this – I was getting up at 3am to get my long run in before kids weekend sport etc and this was hard. When you combine the plan with the online community through the Marathon Handbook FB page and website, you get complete support. Have used this plan with great success and now looking at upping the pace in the marathon space… GREAT JOB!

Rob McCaw


Rated 5 out of 5
July 21, 2021




Rated 5 out of 5
May 10, 2021

Very informative!

Elmarie De Bruin