Will Sifan Hassan Quadruple At The Paris Olympic Games?

Wondering how many events Sifan Hassan will take on at the 2024 Paris Olympics? Well, it could be one. Or two. Likely even three. And potentially…four.


As we gear up for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games, one name in athletics is on everyone’s lips: Sifan Hassan.

Easily the most versatile woman in athletics, Hassan has the potential to race (and even medal) in the 1,500m, 5,000m, 10,000m, and the marathon.

In 2021, Hassan made history by clinching medals in three different track events at the same Olympics— a feat not seen since 1948. Bagging gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m, along with a bronze in the 1500m, she mesmerized the world. Since then, Hassan has broadened her horizons, dipping her toes in the marathon and seizing victories in both London and Chicago.

Will Sifan Hassan Quadruple At The Paris Olympic Games? 1

Currently ranking as the seventh fastest woman in the 1500m (3:51.95), nineth fastest in the 5000m (14:13.42), and second fastest in both the 10,000m (29:06.82) and marathon (2:13:44), Hassan’s versatility is unmatched.

The burning question: will she dare to contest all four events in 2024? This was the focal point of a recent discussion on a bonus edition of the LetsRun.com Track Talk podcast.

If she opts for the ambitious 5,000m-10,000m-marathon trifecta, she’ll enjoy at least a day’s break between each race. However, should she dare the quadruple feat, the gap between the marathon and the 1500 final is concerning.

If Hassan pursues a triple in the 5,000, 10,000, and marathon, the schedule appears manageable, with a comfortable interval between each event:

  • Friday, August 2 – 6:10 pm – 5000 1st round
  • Monday, August 5 – 9:10 pm – 5000 final
  • Friday, August 9 – 8:55 pm – 10,000 final
  • Sunday, August 11 – 8:00 am – Marathon
Will Sifan Hassan Quadruple At The Paris Olympic Games? 2

Emil Zatopek is the only individual to clinch gold in the 5,000, 10,000, and marathon at a single Olympics, achieving this feat in 1952 at Helsinki.

However, contemplating all four events in Paris presents uncharted territory. While it eliminates the need for back-to-back events on the same day, unlike in 2021, when Hassan ran the 1500 preliminaries approximately 12 hours before the 5000 final, it introduces a more fearsome task: running the marathon less than 12 hours after the 1500 final.

The proposed lineup for Hassan in this scenario unfolds as follows:

  • Friday, August 2 – 6:10 pm – 5000 1st round
  • Monday, August 5 – 9:10 pm – 5000 final
  • Tuesday, August 6 – 10:05 am -1500 1st round
  • Thursday, August 8 – 7:35 pm – 1500 semis
  • Friday, August 9 – 8:55 pm  – 10,000 final
  • Saturday, August 10 – 8:25 pm – 1500 final
  • Sunday, August 11 – 8:00 am – Marathon

Only one individual in history has secured four individual running medals at a single Olympics. In the 1924 Paris Games, Ville Ritola of Finland clinched gold in the 10,000 and steeplechase and silver in cross country and 5000.

Will Sifan Hassan Quadruple At The Paris Olympic Games? 3

Here’s What We Know So Far

Although Hassan hasn’t given us any details about her Olympic plans, two things may suggest that the quadruple is the best option.

Hassan recently competed at Sound Running’s Track Fest last week, which was her first track meet of 2024. She took the 5K by storm, winning with a time of 14:58.83.

With Hassan stepping into a track meet after the Tokyo Marathon and with the Olympics closing in, there’s no doubt in our minds that she’s getting her track speed dialed in for the speedy track events in Paris.

The second factor that we noticed that could point in favor of Hassan also running the Olympic marathon is the Road to Paris list.

Will Sifan Hassan Quadruple At The Paris Olympic Games? 4

The Netherlands has only had two runners run under the auto-standard of 2:26:50, Sifan Hassan (2:13:44) and Anne Luijten (2:26:36). One other Dutch runner has run under the 2:40 B standard, Nienke Brinkman, which means she could compete is Hassan (or Luijten) pulled out.

Since the Netherlands has only two qualified runners, and Hassan holds the second fastest qualifying time, the Dutch Athletics Federation will likely strongly encourage Hassan to run the marathon as well.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, with the Olympics looming closer each day, it is only a matter of time before we know if we will see Hassan take on the iconic quadruple.

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