WATCH: Camille Herron Sets Women’s Six-Day Race World Record at Lululemon’s Further Ultra Event

With seven hours to go, the American ultrarunner smashes yet another huge world record at the Further ultramarathon

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Camille Herron’s most recent world record at Lululemon’s Further ultramarathon is arguably her most impressive. The American athlete set the women’s six-day mark by surpassing 883.631 kilometers (549.063 miles) early on Tuesday morning.

According to Lululemon’s online tracker for the event, Herron now sits at 885.4 kilometers with roughly seven hours of running to go, meaning her official world record distance will be defined later on Tuesday. Her world record has yet to be ratified as well.

The previous record, set back in November 1990 by New Zealand ultrarunner Sandra Barwick, was 883.631 kilometers (549.063 miles).

Herron and nine other Lululemon ambassadors have been running a 2.5-kilometer looped course in the desert near Los Angeles in order to break records and help the athletic brand conduct research that the company says will help forward a deeper understanding of endurance sports science from a woman’s perspective.

Herron has already smashed five significant records at Further:

  • Women’s American record for 48 hours (398.6 km)
  • 500-km women’s world record (two days, 14 hours, 45 seconds)
  • 300-mile world record (two days, 11 hours, 54 minutes, 28 seconds)
  • 72-hour world record (550.5 km)
  • 600K (three days, nine hours, 23 minutes)

At the onset of the event, Herron said she aimed at also going after the overall six-day race world record of 1,036 kilometers (644 miles), set by Greek ultra legend Yiannis Kouros back in 2005.

Follow our live updates of the last hours of Further here, where our staff are providing insight and analysis along with minute-by-minute updates as they come in:

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Investigative journalist and editor based in Toronto

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