Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon

The women's world record could be on the line...

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When And How To Watch The Tokyo Marathon

Follow our live coverage here of the Tokyo Marathon on race day, starting at 6:30 p.m. ET Saturday night (30 minutes before race start time in Tokyo on Sunday morning).

Start Date

The 2024 Tokyo Marathon is slated for Sunday, March 3, 2024. 

Start Time

The men’s and women’s races will start at 9:10 a.m. local time. For international viewers, the Tokyo Marathon will start at 12:10 a.m. GMT on March 3 or 7:10 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 2.

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How To Watch The Tokyo Marathon

The Tokyo Marathon will be broadcast in 160 countries worldwide.

Nippon TV in Japan will showcase the elite races nationwide, with live streaming available on Hulu and TVer, NITTERE TADA.

Eurosport has secured broadcasting rights in 63 countries, while Canal+ will cover the event in 47 territories.

Marathon enthusiasts in the United States and Canada can catch the excitement on FloTrack. 

Here’s a link to Flotrack’s live stream, which will begin at 6:30 p.m. ET.

Great Sports Media holds the rights for the People’s Republic of China, excluding Macau, China, Chinese Taipei, and Hong Kong, China.

ESPN International is set to air the race across 47 countries and territories in Latin America, the Caribbean, and Brazil.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon 2

Course Map

The Tokyo Marathon is renowned for its flat and flat course. Starting at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku, the course takes runners through various districts and iconic landmarks.

As runners progress from Shinjuku, they pass through Suidobashi, home to the Tokyo Dome and Tokyo Dome City, before heading towards Sudacho. This section features an initial out-and-back segment, with the turnaround point near Ueno Park, known for its cultural attractions.

Continuing on, participants go through districts like Kanda, famous for its traditional atmosphere and historic bookstores, and Nihombashi, marked by its iconic bridge and modern commercial developments. The course includes multiple out-and-back segments, allowing runners to experience different facets of Tokyo’s landscape.

The highlight is at Tokyo Station or Gyoko-Dori Ave, after taking runners through landmarks like Asakusa, Ryogoku, and Ginza. This challenging yet rewarding marathon showcases Tokyo’s vibrant culture and dynamic urban scenery, leaving a lasting impression on participants.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon 3


The current weather forecast is a high of 11 C (52 F) with a low of 3 C (37 F) at the start, which is chilly. 

The other current concern with the weather is the persistent dry conditions, which may cause some trouble to runners.


Is There Prize Money?

Although official prize money hasn’t been released by the organization, it is estimated that there will be over $150,000 USD in prize money, split equally among the men and women. Bonus prize money will be available should any course records be broken.

Men’s And Women’s Start List

Total number of elite athletes (men): 117

Total number of elite athletes (women): 51

Women’s Elite Field

Runner NameNationalityFinish TimeRace LocationYear
Sifan HassanNetherlands2:13:44Chicago2023
Amane Beriso ShankuleEthiopia2:14:58Valencia2022
Rosemary WanjiruKenya2:16:28Tokyo2023
Tigist AbayechewEthiopia2:18:03Berlin2022
Sutume Asefa KebedeEthiopia2:18:12Seoul2022
Magdalena ShauriTanzania2:18:41Berlin2023
Lonah Chemtai SalpeterIsrael2:18:45Nagoya2022
Hitomi NiiyaJapan2:19:24Houston2023
Buzunesh GetachewEthiopia2:19:27Frankfurt2023
Meseret AbebayahauEthiopia2:19:50Amsterdam2023
Betsy SainaU.S.A.2:21:40Tokyo2023
Yumi YoshikawaJapan2:25:20Osaka Women’s2023
Khishigsaikhan GalbadrakhMongolia2:28:33Taipei2023
Shiho KaneshigeJapan2:29:26Tokyo2022
Misato HorieJapan2:32:10Osaka2022
Ai IkemotoJapan2:34:17Hofu2022
Andrea SeccafienCanadadebut (1:11:33 half)NYC Half2022

Men’s Elite Field

Runner NameNationalityFinish TimeRace LocationYearNotes
Eliud KipchogeKenya2:01:09Berlin2022
Vincent Kipkemoi NgetichKenya2:03:13Berlin2023
Timothy KiplagatKenya2:03:50Rotterdam2023
Benson KiprutoKenya2:04:02Chicago2023
Bethwel KibetKenya2:04:37Amsterdam2023
Hailemaryam KirosEthiopia2:04:41Paris2021
Andualem BelayEthiopia2:04:44Berlin2023
Tsegaye GetachewEthiopia2:04:49Amsterdam2022
Chalu DesoEthiopia2:04:56Valencia2022
Kengo SuzukiJapan2:04:56Lake Biwa2021
Bazezew AsmareEthiopia2:04:57Amsterdam2022
Victor KiplangatUganda2:05:09Hamburg2022
Ichitaka YamashitaJapan2:05:51Tokyo2023
Kenya SonotaJapan2:05:59Tokyo2023Scratch 16 Feb
Haimro AlameIsrael2:06:04Valencia2023
Bedan KarokiKenya2:06:15Tokyo2020
Kyohei HosoyaJapan2:06:35Lake Biwa2021
Kazuya NishiyamaJapan2:06:45Osaka2023
Yusuke OguraJapan2:06:51Lake Biwa2021
Yohei IkedaJapan2:06:53Kao2023Scratch 16 Feb
Michael GithaeKenya2:07:08Fukuoka Int’l2023
Shuho DairokunoJapan2:07:12Lake Biwa2021
Simon KariukiKenya2:07:18Lake Biwa2021
Masato KikuchiJapan2:07:20Lake Biwa2021
Toshiki SadakataJapan2:07:24Osaka2023
Masaki SakudaJapan2:07:42Lake Biwa2021
Yusuke NishiyamaJapan2:07:47Beppu-Oita2022
Shungo YokotaJapan2:07:47Beppu-Oita2023
Yuhei UranoJapan2:07:52Osaka2022
Shin KimuraJapan2:07:55Beppu-Oita2023
Yugo KashiwaJapan2:08:11Osaka2023
Kenta UchidaJapan2:08:12Lake Biwa2021
Shunya KikuchiJapan2:08:20Osaka2023
Keisuke HayashiJapan2:08:21Tokyo2022
Kensuke HorioJapan2:08:25Tokyo2022
Yuki NakamuraJapan2:08:29Hofu2022
Kiyoshi KogaJapan2:08:30Beppu-Oita2022
Kenji YamamotoJapan2:08:38Osaka2022
Naoki AibaJapan2:08:44Beppu-Oita2022
Kazuma KuboJapan2:08:48Tokyo2022
Takashi IchidaJapan2:08:57Chicago2023
Naoya SakudaJapan2:09:06Beppu-Oita2023
Minato OishiJapan2:09:08Fukuoka Int’l2022
Kohei FutaokaJapan2:09:14Fukuoka Int’l2021
Masaya TaguchiJapan2:09:27Tokyo2022
Kyoya TsujinoJapan2:09:39Osaka2023
Takamitsu HashimotoJapan2:09:43Lake Biwa2021
Koki TakadaJapan2:09:45Fukuoka Int’l2022
Yuma HattoriJapan2:09:47Osaka2023
Benard KimeliKenya2:10:50Berlin2021
Workneh DereseEthiopia2:12:43Saga Sakura2023
Benjamin NganduKenya2:14:56Kasumigaura2023
Daniel Muiva KitonyiKenya2:15:19Tokyo2022
Patrick MosinKenyadebut (59:31 half)Lille Half2023
Yusuke TamuraJapandebut (1:00:38 half)Nat’l Corp. Half2022

Key Storylines

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon 4

Eliud Kipchoge

Eliud Kipchoge, one of the most accomplished marathoners in history, has set his sights on winning every Abbott World Marathon Major (WMM). Among the six major marathons, he has triumphed in Tokyo, London, Berlin, and Chicago. 

However, he has yet to conquer the challenging courses of Boston and New York, both known for significant hills and the absence of pacers. Despite a sixth-place finish in Boston last year, Kipchoge opted to skip New York and secure a record fifth win in Berlin.

Kipchoge’s strategic decisions are primarily geared towards his ultimate goal of clinching a historic third consecutive Olympic marathon gold in Paris next year. His meticulous planning revolves around maximizing preparation time for this pinnacle event. 

By choosing Tokyo over Boston in 2024, Kipchoge ensures an extra six weeks of training leading up to the Olympics, given Tokyo’s 23-week gap compared to Boston’s 17.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon 5

While Kipchoge has demonstrated the ability to perform well with tight turnarounds in the past, his recent choice reflects a preference for familiar terrain and optimal timing

Tokyo’s course, where he has previously tasted success, offers a gentler challenge compared to the punishing hills of Boston. Moreover, the extended preparation period aligns better with Kipchoge’s training regimen and recovery needs.

Despite speculation about Kipchoge’s potential to run multiple marathons in a calendar year, his focus remains on strategic planning and peak performance for the Olympic Games

The decision to prioritize Tokyo over London, despite the latter’s higher appearance fee, highlights Kipchoge’s long-term objectives. 

At 39 years old, he aims to maintain peak fitness for the Olympic Games while leaving open the possibility of future endeavors, such as completing his WMM collection or pursuing new records.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon 6

Sifan Hassan

Tokyo seems like the logical choice for Sifan Hassan, offering her a fresh challenge and ample time to recover before the Olympics. There’s speculation whether she could even set a new world record.

In 2023, Hassan showcased her remarkable ability to compete in quick succession, winning the London Marathon in April, achieving success at the World Championships on the track in August, and securing victory at the Chicago Marathon in October with the second-fastest time ever. 

Despite her impressive performances, the competition in women’s running is fierce, with athletes like Faith Kipyegon and Gudaf Tsegay dominating in Budapest. 

To enhance her chances of success in Paris, Hassan needs to maximize her preparation time, making Tokyo a strategic choice as it provides an additional seven weeks of track training compared to London (six weeks more than Boston).

While Hassan’s Olympic event lineup remains undisclosed, her track record suggests she’s likely to pursue at least one track event alongside the marathon in Paris.

Everything You Need To Know About The 2024 Tokyo Marathon 7

Her penchant for challenges could see her attempt to medal in both disciplines, a feat unprecedented in women’s athletics.

Hassan’s approach to Tokyo will be intriguing, especially considering her previous marathon victories were achieved while balancing track commitments. With a focused buildup solely for the marathon, she could be poised to push the limits and potentially challenge the current world record of 2:11:53.

In essence, Tokyo offers Hassan a strategic opportunity to prepare for the Olympics while also presenting the possibility of a record-breaking performance, reflecting her relentless pursuit of excellence in both track and marathon events.

We’ll be bringing you live updates of the 2024 Tokyo Marathon beginning at 8:30 a.m. local time (6:30 p.m. ET) on Sunday, March 3. For viewers from the other side of the Pacific, the Tokyo Marathon will begin at 7:10 p.m. ET on Saturday, March 2, 2024.

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