Run With Your Phone: Options For Carrying Your Phone While Running

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Wondering how to run with your phone? Are you torn between awkwardly running with your phone in your hand, or buying something to carry your phone>

One of the most common questions I get asked by beginner runners is this: How do you run with your phone?

When I started running, I really didn’t consider other options. I just held it by hand. The more I ran, the more I realized how inconvenient it was. Not to mention the number of times I had to pick it up from the ground, hoping I hadn’t broken the precious glass screen. 

In this post, I’m going to run through the best options for where to put your phone while running – and they’re all hands-free, I promise !

How To Run With Your Phone: The Best Options For Carrying Your Phone While Running

Why Holding Your Phone While Running Is A Bad Idea

You probably already know that holding your phone is just uncomfortable while you’re running. But there are other negative effects on your body and on your run when you opt for holding the phone in your hand.

Holding your phone while running creates subtle imbalances in the body, which can cause you problems in your hip, leg, and shoulder muscles. You may not notice the difference right away, but you’ll eventually become more prone to injuries down the road. 

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Why You Should Be Running With Your Phone

Many runners opt to leave the phone at home and just use different gadgets instead. There are definitely a lot of different watches you can use that will allow you to track all the essential metrics while running (pace, heart rate, distance, even calories burned). 

How To Run With Your Phone

But there are still some essential needs that only a phone (or an Apple watch) can fill:

  • You may get injured and need to call for help
  • You might get lost (if you’re trail running or running in a new neighborhood) and need a GPS for directions
  • You might want to stop and take a photo of the gorgeous scenery!

Having your phone with you adds safety, security, and quality to your runs. 

How To Run With Your Phone

There are a lot of different options on how to carry your phone while running. 

Put It Around Your Waist

There are lots of great options for belts (or even running shorts and leggings) that allow you to wear your phone on your waist. 

How To Run With Your Phone

Here are some of the benefits of wearing your phone on your waist:

  • You keep your phone secure, without the risk of falling to its damage.
  • Your body gets even bodyweight distribution, keeping your form at a quality level and preventing you from running injuries.

Best Belts for Wearing Your Phone on Your Waist

The FlipBelt (see on Amazon)

how to run with your phone

The FlipBelt is light and compact, which keeps the belt from slipping around while you run. You can wear it every time you run, instead of buying several different pairs of shorts and leggings that will hold your phone. 

With over 10,000 5-star Amazon reviews, it’s clearly doing something right.

The design is minimal but functional. It comes in lots of bright colors, which can even come in handy if you’re running at night. 

The FlipBelt’s material is solid but soft, keeping it from bouncing around while you run. There are no unnecessary buckles. 

It not only holds your phone but also has multiple openings for your keys or running snacks.

Simply slide your phone through the large pocket, flip it over (hence the name ‘Flip’), and voila! You’re ready to run. 

SPIBelt (Check On Amazon)

how to run with your phone

If you want some added security, you may want to consider the SPIbelt. They offer a waist pack with zipper that works the same way. 

It also works for runners with bigger phones. The belt has fewer pockets – in fact, there’s just one large zipper pocket that will fit your phone, credit cards, or whatever else you absolutely need. 

This belt does have a buckle in the back, which allows for adjustable straps for a more customized fit. 

Use Running Shorts (Or Pants)

how to run with your phone

Even though you have to invest in more running supplies to keep your phone in your clothes, many runners choose this option so they have less gear to worry about during the run.

If you’re getting up at the crack of dawn for your training, it’s better to have fewer things to keep track of and gather together before you head out the door. 

PinkBomb Men’s Running Shorts (Check On Amazon)

how to run with your phone

These shorts come with a similar pocket to the FlipBelt. The pocket is designed to fit the phone tightly to keep it from bouncing around. There is a flap that goes over the pocket to keep the phone from bouncing out while running. 

BALEAF Running Shorts

how to run with your phone

This brand has shorts for men and women, as well as leggings and running pants. The built-in pocket is a bit more secure than the PinkBomb shorts since it comes with a zipper pocket in the waistband of the pants. 

If you’re using this brand, you’ll have to make sure you set up a long playlist and adjust the volume to your music accordingly, since it’s not too easy to reach behind to the back of your shorts to access the phone pocket behind you. 

But once you get situated, you’ll love the fact that the phone can stay out of sight and out of mind for the rest of your run. 

how to carry phone while running

Wear A Sports Bra With Pocket

This can be a slightly more accessible way to reach your phone if you need it quickly while you run. This sports bra comes with a built-in pocket in the back where you can store your phone. 

This can come in extremely handy on the hot days when you’d rather run hands-free and without extra material holding you back. 

The only downside to the running bras with pockets is many of the high-impact running bras don’t have pockets in the back. So these bras are best for shorter, lighter runs rather than, for example, your marathon day. 

Get A Running Vest

running with phone

Running vests are excellent options for long-distance running since you can carry much more than just a phone and your keys. Running vests allow you to carry water and plenty of snacks. If you’re running an ultramarathon or doing trail running, these are highly effective pieces of gear. 

Here are our top pick of running vests – great for your afternoon run or your next ultra.

The Salomon Advance Skin vest is a great one for ultramarathons

Here are some of the benefits of this vest:

  • It’s extremely lightweight
  • It comes with sternum straps that you can easily adjust for a snug fit
  • It has room for a large water pack
  • It has reflective detailing

Here’s the major con of the Salomon vest: It’s a bit pricey

If you’re not ready to splurge and are looking for something under $100, one alternative brand is Nathan. It has a Quick Start Hydration Pack Running Vest that’s also functional. You can carry 1.5L of water with this. The QuickStart vest also includes a running bladder. 

where to put phone while running

Use A Handheld Device

If, after all is said and done, you still prefer the quick access of a handheld device, there is one more option for you. 

This one doesn’t require any palm sweat, and it doesn’t allow you to drop the phone. 

You can get a water bottle with a zippered pouch that is just large enough to fit your phone and keys. 

The Camelbak Quick Grip comes with padding around the bottle itself to keep your water colder for a longer amount of time. It also comes with a handy pocket attached with plenty of room for whatever you need to carry. 

how to run with your phone

It comes with a jet valve seal that protects your phone from leaks while you run. The material of the pouch is stretchy, allowing you to fit more in the pack on longer runs. It’s also reflective, which provides you with added protection while you run in the early morning or late night. 

Running with a water bottle in hand still contributes to the unhealthy bodily imbalance while you run, so we advise you to take this option only for short, quick runs to make sure you don’t keep up that strain for too long. 

where to put phone while running

Choosing Where to Put Your Phone While Running

Deciding between the options I’ve provided in this article is mostly a matter of preference. That comes with experimenting and finding what works the best for you. 

Here are few guidelines you can go by that will save you from wasting money and resources in your period of experimentation. 

Do you like to check your phone a lot while running? 

If yes, go for the water bottle device or the sports bra with the pocket. 

Do you run long distances, like training for a marathon or ultramarathon?

If yes, opt for the running vest. 

Do you want to save as much money as possible?

If that’s you, get the running belt, since it’s extremely affordable and you can wear the same one every time you run. 

Do you want your phone out of sight, out of mind?

If yes, then go for the shorts with the built-in waist pocket. 

These options should keep you well equipped for injury-free, hassle-free running. Once you’re all set up for your run, download your free marathon training plan and get going! 

running with phone
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Mia Kercher is a hiker, cyclist, and runner. After finishing her first marathon in 2013, she continued the sport but found a new passion in trail running. She now explores the glorious mountains in Portland, Oregon.

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  1. Running hydration vests with no water in are best for me. Perfect for my music with Bluetooth headphones as closer to ears. Reception is always perfect and easier to access phone if anything goes wrong with it while running with music. I also use my running watch for recording the run and also sending to Strava. Taken me years to realise how valuable a waterless running vest is as half the reason I run is to bang my tunes out. Also great for running gels and even a small water bottle in the other chest pocket adjacent to where my phone is. No more struggling with waist belts and poor Bluetooth reception 👍


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