Dating A Runner? Here’s What You Should Know

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So, you’re dating a runner.

Lucky you!

And if you’re not dating a runner, get on it!

There’s even an app for that! 

In this article we will delve into…

  • 10 things you only know when you’re dating a runner 
  • 10 reasons to date a runner
  • How to please your other half in every room in the house
  • How to plan the perfect date day for your running obsessed other half.

Ready to take a dive into the wonderful world of being in a relationship with a runner?

Let’s go! xoxo

Dating A Runner? Here's What You Should Know 1

10 Things You Only Know When You’re Dating a Runner

Dating a runner comes with many particularities.

Here are just a few…  

1. The best birthday, anniversary, or Christmas presents are running related. 

A flashy new Garmin GPS watch, a new pair of running shoes, another year of Strava premium. 

If you’re on a budget, no worries! Some funky running socks are always a big hit!

2. Expect to party alone.

If a big night out clashes with an early morning run the next day, expect tomorrow’s run to take precedence over the boozy night out.

Runners are hard and fast with their priorities!

Dating A Runner? Here's What You Should Know 2

3. Holidays often revolve around race destinations.

If your partner is a serious runner, you might find your holidays are dictated by where the big race is.

You’ve just got to hope that their next race adventure is in the Meditteranean. 

4. Holidays don’t mean time off training.

If you thought a holiday was for putting your feet up, soaking up the rays, eating and drinking, you were wrong. 

For a runner, a holiday is a great opportunity to run around a new area, get lost, and explore the local scenery- Forest Gump style.

5. Your wardrobe is full of running clothes. 

A runner’s wardrobe is 99% running clothes, 1% everything else. 

Consider it a big deal if your partner dons non-activewear for a date. 

Dating a runner

6. You find yourself waking up at the crack of dawn against your will.

Morning runs mean serious buisness. 

When their alarm going off in the early hours, followed by the sound of rummaging around for their running kit, you might find yourself unconsentially awake. 

7. Post long-run meals are the best meals.

Out of solidarity, you’ve got to join in on the post run pizza and brownie feast.

It would be rude not to, right?

8. You accept all their flaws- blisters included.

Loving someone means loving every bit of them, right? 

Runners have some nasty skeletons in their closet. But instead of a closet, the secrets are hidden under their socks. 

9. There are three in this relationship, and one of them is Strava.

If you find your significant other smiling down at their phone, don’t be alarmed! They are not cheating on you, they are looking back at their Strava stats. 

10. If you’ve ever considered getting a dog together, they have most likely lobbied for one that can join them on their runs. 

They’ve probably looked up ‘best dogs to run with’ and suggested getting a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a Weimaraner, or a Vizsla. 

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Dating a Runner

10 Reasons to Date a Runner

If you’re not already dating a runner. First of all, what are you doing? 

Maybe I’m biased, but runners are great people. 

So here is a list detailing some (there are many more ;))  of the ways that runners are awesome:

1. They will always go the extra mile

Runners are used to putting in the effort. Don’t be surprised if they do the same for you in a relationship!

2. Runners are committed

If you’ve ever met a runner who wakes up at 5am to squeeze in a run before work, or one who runs in all kinds of horrendous weather, you’ll know that runners are committed. 

If they say they are going to do something, they will!

3. They are happy people

It’s a well known fact that running releases endorphins- those wonderful ‘feel good’ chemicals released during that coveted runners high.

And endorphins = happy runner!

4. They know how to put in the hard work to get the results 

Runners are no strangers to hard work. They know that the going gets tough, and they know that they can keep going. 

5. Runners are chilled out

Running is a tried and tested way of blowing off steam.

As far as coping strategies go, going out for a run is certainly one of the healthiest.

If they start feeling anxious or bored, runners are almost always more chilled out and happy after returning from a run.

dating a runner

6. Runners care about their health

Who doesn’t want to live a long and happy life with their significant other? 

Known for their better cardiovascular health, strong bones, and muscles, you’ll better your chances of growing old together if you find a runner to shack up with! 

7. Runners are goal focused

They know that having a goal is step one to competing it.

And they are not just blindly idealistic- runners know that having a goal means putting in the hard work to achieve the goal. 

8. Runners are clever

Who would have thought that pounding the pavements made you smarter?

But according to one study, the brains of distance runners are actually found to be better connected in areas of the brain known for ‘sophisticated cognition’. 

9. They are thoughtful 

Running offers you a lot of time to think as you clock away those miles. 

You can hope that this time spent thinking translates to time spent thinking about you!

10. They are in shape

We would all be lying if we said we didn’t look for a bit of eye candy in a partner.

Not to mention, they have worked on their stamina…

dating a runner

How to please your other half in every room in the house

Your runner has worked hard, they deserve to be treated right. 

This is how to please them…

In the kitchen

Food is always good. Your partner will eat almost everything. Cook for them and you will be reciprocated with eternal gratitude. 

Some example meals which will go down a treat on date night include: a big bowl of oatmeal, a protein shake, or literally anything. 

In the bathroom

In the mood to surprise your partner after they’ve had a long hard day at work?

Light the candles and run them a nice, cold, ice bath. 

In the bedroom

Your partners ideal night in will most likely consist of you massaging their sore legs and feet.

But mind the blisters

In the laundry room

This is the perfect place to whisper sweet nothings into their ear. 

Consider phrases such as ‘your running clothes don’t even smell that bad’, or, ‘I don’t think you have too many running clothes, in fact, you could have more!’.

dating a runner

How to plan the perfect date day for your running obsessed other half

Maybe its their Birthday, or you’re just an exceptionally good partner. 

Whatever the occasion,  this is the perfect itinerary to make your partner the happiest runner in all the land.

8:AM- Good morning!

Your partner is tired from all their recent training.

Treat them to a lie in!

Although 8 AM may not be considered a lie in for most people, for a runner who’s used to getting up at the crack of dawn for morning runs, 8 AM is plenty a lie in. 

8:10AM- Breakfast

Time for a bowl of oatmeal! 

A crowd-pleaser for all runners. Make it extra special with the toppings you choose- berries, chopped banana, nuts and seeds, a drizzle of maple syrup, and PEANUT BUTTER go down a treat.


The runner’s favourite energy booster. Enjoy!

marathon handbook but first coffee

9:00AM – Couple’s run

Lace up and head out for a morning run together!

Even if you’re not a runner yourself, your partner will be over the moon that you’ve put in the effort to go for a run. 

Who knows, you might even grow to love it- it’s a slippery slope!

10AM- Shower

No post run stench please! 

10:30AM- Get your protein fix

MMMmmmm how about a sexy protein shake?

Ok, not the most date-worthy food, BUT keeping your muscles in good knick is certainly desierable.

dating a runner

1:00PM- Picnic o’clock

Make yourselves a little picnic and take it to someplace in nature; a beach, a hill with a view, even a park. 

Your runner is probably well used to spending time outdoors as they run around the local area. They probably know the best spot in town for a cute couples picnic. 

4:00PM- Massage

Treat yourself- hit up your local spa for a couples massage. 

There is no better way to combine a date with running recovery than a relaxing leg massage to soothe the DOMS (Delayed-Onset Muscle Soreness).

7:30PM- Dinner time

This is the perfect opportunity for you to carb load together. Maybe you could even have a magical lady and the tramp moment with the spaghetti…

And wash it all down with a nice cold beer, some say it has some surprising health benefits for runners.

9.30PM- Chill

Time to wind down with a film. How about a Billy Yang YouTube running documentary to get your partner inspired to take on their next big running challenge.

Now go ahead and share this article with your favourite runner!

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