These Are The Most Popular Shoes In The World, According To 120 Million Strava Users

Do your shoe choices line up with the trendiest trainers on Strava?


Strava, the widely-used running app with over 120 million users worldwide, has released its annual Year in Sport report, revealing the most popular running shoes among its users in 2023.

These Are The Most Popular Shoes In The World, According To 120 Million Strava Users 1

Hoka Clifton 9: Leading the Pack

The Hoka Clifton series takes the crown as the most popular running shoe, according to Strava data. 

Currently in its 9th iteration, the Hoka Clifton is favored for its neutral design, accommodating wider feet with two different width options

Described as lighter and snappier than its predecessor, the Clifton 9 is recommended for both seasoned runners and those embarking on their first 5K or marathon training

Strava users have embraced this reliable and comfortable choice for their running endeavors.

These Are The Most Popular Shoes In The World, According To 120 Million Strava Users 2

Nike Pegasus 40: A Firm Favorite

Securing the runner-up position is the Nike Pegasus 40, a fantastic neutral running shoe designed for easy miles. 

Despite not being overly cushioned, the Pegasus 40 offers a firmer snap, making it suitable for various distances, from marathons to 5K runs. With a 10mm drop, it strikes a balance for runners desiring a comfortable ride without sacrificing ground feel

Notably, the Pegasus 40 stands out as an excellent all-purpose shoe, earning favor among Strava’s running community.

These Are The Most Popular Shoes In The World, According To 120 Million Strava Users 3

Brooks Ghost 15: A Trusted Companion

Completing the trio of popular running shoes is the Brooks Ghost line, particularly the 15th iteration. 

Widely embraced by female runners on Strava, the Brooks Ghost 15 is celebrated for its soft and secure underfoot feel, making it an ideal choice for beginners. 

Featuring the new DNA Loft v2 midsole foam and enhanced upper for comfort and support, the Ghost 15 continues to be a go-to option for those seeking a reliable and accommodating running experience.


Global Trends and Surprises

Strava’s global data not only highlights the popularity of these shoes but also provides insights into regional preferences

The Hoka Clifton retains its top position globally, with the Nike Pegasus following closely. 

Interestingly, the Brooks Ghost claims its spot as the second most popular choice among U.S. users. 

The report emphasizes that these results are based on Strava users who log their shoes, representing a portion of the app’s extensive user base.

In addition to the top performers, the report sheds light on emerging trends, noting the growing popularity of shoes like the Asics Novablast and Saucony Endorphin Speed in 2023. 

The report also reveals a gender divide, with the Nike Pegasus being the preferred choice among men globally, while the Hoka Clifton takes the lead among women.

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