Marathon In 3 Months


Details: Complete guide to running a marathon in 12 weeks, including training plan
Last Updated: 
September 2020
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‘Marathon In 3 Months’ gives you a focussed framework to prepare, train and complete a marathon in just three months.

Marathon preparation is a science, not an art.   The program outlined in this book is designed to make you train smart, allowing you to increase your mileage faster.

Comprehensive 12-week training plan. Includes distances, paces and detailed instructions on every workout to perform. Links are provided to download digital versions of the plan.

Expert advice on gear – how to choose marathon shoes, packs, clothing, accessories – as well as nutrition and hydration.

Detailed marathon preparation guide to ensure you get to the start line ready to kill it!


The 12-week training programme included has been reverse-engineered to simply get you across the finish line. No more nebulous goals, no more vague advice. This book presents one concentrated, proven method to achieve your marathon goals.

Thomas Watson ran his first marathon in 3hrs and 58mins and has gone on to run dozens of sub-4hr marathons since. He also runs a website,, through which he has helped thousands of runners achieve their goals.