Your Dog Can Now Sign Up for a Strava Account

Will your running buddy top the dog Strava charts?

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Strava, or it didn’t happen, right? Well, now that goes for your furry friend too.

Strava, the renowned fitness tracking app, has now expanded its horizons to include the four-legged members of the family. 

Partnering with Fi, a smart dog collar brand, Strava now offers a platform for owners to log their canine companion’s athletic endeavors alongside their own.

Your Dog Can Now Sign Up for a Strava Account 1

Fi collars, equipped with built-in satellite positioning systems akin to those found in GPS sports watches, have long been celebrated for aiding in locating lost pets and monitoring basic health metrics such as sleep patterns and step counts. 

However, this collaboration with Strava marks a new milestone, allowing pet owners to seamlessly integrate their dogs’ exercise data into their own active lifestyles.

Announced in February, the partnership between Strava and Fi enables the tracking of distance traveled and steps taken by your furry friend. 

Moreover, it facilitates the monitoring of your pet’s progress towards activity goals, presenting the route of their walks or play sessions on an interactive map within the app, just like how it would show your own.

Your Dog Can Now Sign Up for a Strava Account 2

Fi operates on a subscription basis, with fees starting at $3.20 per week for access to all smart collar features. Fortunately, Strava users incorporating Fi collars into their pets’ routines can effortlessly synchronize their accounts at no additional cost, streamlining the tracking process.

Mateo A. Ortega, Strava’s Vice President of Connected Partnerships, highlighted the inspiration behind this initiative, citing Strava’s own data, which revealed that 76 percent of Strava athletes with pets found their dogs to be significant motivators for outdoor activities. 

Ortega emphasized, “Our mission at Strava is to motivate people to live their best active lives, and we know that pets are a big part of an athlete’s life.”


Despite the excitement surrounding this development, some may wonder if dogs are now eligible for coveted King of the Mountain (KOM) titles or course records. Alas, they are not.

However, Fi users can compare their canine’s activities with those of other local dogs, with competitive categories based on size.

So, is your dog the fastest in the neighbourhood?

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