22 Funny Running Memes to Keep You Going

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Everyone needs some funny running memes here and there to lighten up their workouts.

Memes are a solid reminder that no matter how tough training gets, countless people are going through the same thing. After all, they wouldn’t be so funny if they weren’t so relatable. 

Pushing your limits can be brutal. It can leave you frustrated, anxious, and burned out. You might feel like you just can’t make it another half a mile, even to get you home. 

For those times, save this article and pull it out when you need it. Your suffering is our suffering. We have all been there. And hey, you always feel on top of the world when you’ve mastered your goal. 

You have to keep your spirits up as you train, and sometimes that means laughing at your own struggle. Sure, they might make you waste even more breath from laughing than you’ve spent on training, but it will be worth it…we promise. 

Whether you are training for a marathon or simply trying to build up your speed, there’s something in here for everyone. 

So, let’s get to it!

22 Funny Running Memes to Keep You Going 1

Funny Running Memes Category 1: My Legs No Longer Work

funny running meme

What if I just stayed here for a while? No one will notice, right?

funny running meme

The dreaded “bonk,” or the moment you “hit the wall” and run out of gas, is such a challenge. Sometimes you can push through these and fight on. Make sure you don’t push too much though!

funny running meme monty python

We really do not recommend being this far in denial. While working through discomfort can be helpful, always be aware when it’s time to ease up. You may have to use that arm later. 

Even the most seasoned runners still endure shin splints and other annoying injuries from time to time. You could consider them a rite of passage. Still, to avoid them as much as possible, here are some tips for treating the most common running injuries to get you healed up and back on the road.

funny running meme singing

Everyone knows one of the best ways to deal with pain is to sing through it.

Let it all out. 

If this looks like you just starting out, congratulations! That burn means progress. Here’s some help if you’re looking to get marathon-ready from scratch.

funny running meme tired runner

See? This is your chance to be social. Look at all the possibilities ahead of you. Those are lifelong friends you could be making right there. Nothing says bonding time like being hooked up to an EKG monitor. 

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Running Memes Category 2: Is That What I Really Look Like?

Funny running memes are sometimes at their best when they’re honest.

Posture is everything.

Is your spine straight?

Is your core engaged?

Are your shoulders down and back? 

funny running meme expectation vs reality

You don’t want to find out halfway through a run that your legs are out of position and hurting your run time. 

Even worse, you might get injured right as you are settling into your stride.

If you find yourself a bit lost on running form, here’s a quick guide on running form that will smooth over any potential problems. You’ll get into Picture 1 form in no time.

funny running meme spit while running

Really? I couldn’t have waited for a good stopping point? Why do I always do this?

funny running meme race photos

Candid exercise rarely leads to the Instagram-worthy shot. Even Drake knows this.

You know the classics before you even see them on the screen – runny nose, flushed cheeks, hair a wild mess. All are up for capture when you see that photographer at the finish line. 

Some might call that the picture of success. Others might duck and run for cover until the camera focuses on its next victim. 

funny running meme looking good while running

Sure, there are many things worse than catching your reflection in a store window and finding out your hair has become less ‘swish’ and a little more ‘nest.’ It’s pretty up there, though. 

The trick is to run fast enough that no one can see that you’re not at your best.

Running Memes Category 3: There Goes My Motivation

It’s too easy to make excuses to stop. You’ve eaten too much beforehand. It’s too early in the morning. You’re too worn out to go on. 

Well, if you need a little help, we’ve put together a 7-day motivation challenge to get your running shoes on and get you out the door. For a little extra boost, try these ideas.

funny running meme bear chase

You’re at your limit. Every muscle is screaming at you, saying they have definitely had enough. There is no way you could possibly keep going.

Have you tried imagining a bear right behind you? 

Don’t you feel like you might go a little faster? Now you will. Do not let the bear win. 

To be fair, you do not have to outrun it. You just have to outrun the next guy. 

funny running meme eating chips

What motivates you to run? Are you looking for better overall fitness? Do you enjoy the competitive edge of racing? 

Or, like so many of us, is it an excellent way to mow down on pizza? 

Hey, your reasons are your reasons. No judgment here. Whatever gets you out and going is good enough for us!

funny running meme peter parker

This is such a nice feeling. It’s a reminder of how far you’ve come. Perhaps at the beginning of your training journey, one of those sad stragglers was you. Not anymore. Keep going, you rock star.

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Running Memes Category 4: Do You Have Your Running Buddy?

One of the best ways to get yourself pumped and ready is dragging…er…getting someone to run with you. You can’t let down your running buddy, right? 

funny running meme friends

I feel like at certain points we are all either Joey or Phoebe. Sometimes you’re both on the same day. A large study by Strava showed that there are five different types of runners. These are:

  • Passionate runners
  • Invested runners
  • Fitness runners
  • Mindful runners
  • Reluctant runners

Reluctant runners (AKA Joeys) are, to no one’s surprise, the most common type. However, the study indicates that those who stick it out for longer than a year tend to evolve into a different type. You can become a Phoebe. It’ll be fun!

funny running meme treadmill humor

On the days where it’s pouring outside, the treadmill is your friend. On one hand, it’s super convenient for getting your cardio in without leaving the room. On the other hand, you have ordered your body to move for a good long while and you never go anywhere. 

funny running memes treadmill humor

If you think about it, running buddies don’t actually have to be buddies. Friendly competition is a healthy way to test your own limits and push yourself further. Whether the other person even knows it’s a competition? Well, that’s up to you.

funny running memes tiger king

However big or small, celebrating your victories is important. Almost anything counts. Took that first step? Victory. Ran the first mile? Victory. Set your own milestones, and then feel the accomplishment when you pass them. 

Running Memes Category 5: I Could Do This Anywhere, Anytime

Whether it’s the cold, the early morning, or other people, nothing stops you. 

funny running memes rainy weather

Some say that is true commitment. You say it’s just efficiency. Who needs all that bulky outdoor wear slowing down your run time? Not you. After all, you have to combat the wind blowing against you.

Never mind, this is true commitment. 

funny running memes liam neesan

For the marathon runners of us, this is the holy grail. The finish line is great and all, but that feeling of passing the person in front of you?

And the next one?

And the next one?

It’s pretty great. It goes back to the milestones we mentioned; each one counts.

funny running memes tornado

A little inclement weather can be fun to power through. However, I think we’d better draw the line at actual tornadoes.

Whether you are a casual jogger or a full-blown marathon runner, there is someone out there who knows how you’re feeling. 

When the going gets tough, keep this stash of memes in your bookmarks for later. Let this compilation remind you that no matter how difficult the race gets, humor can be found in everything. 

No matter , what don’t ever give up. Stick to your training plan. And if you don’t have one yet, download our free couch to half marathon plan.

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Any funny running memes to share with us? Send us a link below!

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