Politician RFK Jr. Works Out In Jeans


Given how divisive politics in America have been in the past couple of decades, it’s no surprise that almost every politician who takes any strong, controversial stances, is polarizing.

Certainly falling within this camp is Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the nephew of late President John F. Kennedy, known for his anti-vax stance.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., known as RFK Jr., has not only made it known that he intends to secure the Democratic nomination for the 2024 presidential election, but that he’s fit and ready to do so.

The politician recently showed off his athletic ability on his Twitter account in a video of himself doing nine reps of the bench press at Gold’s Gym as well as sets of push-ups (interestingly performed shirtless and with jeans).

At age 69, RFK Jr. is not only keeping his body fit for his own health, but also trying to ensure his disciplined workout regimen will get him in “fighting form” for his anticipated debates with President Joe Biden.

The 2024 presidential hopeful even posted a Tweet with the caption: “Getting in shape for my debates with President Biden!”

In addition to wanting to debate or “spar” politically with President Biden, RFK Jr. has taken other little jabs at what he perceives to be the poor fitness of current President Joe Biden, and believes that he’s not only a viable Democratic candidate but one in better physical shape.

In another tweet referencing how he wants to face off with President Biden, RFK Jr. wrote: “So start doing your morning calisthenics everybody. Get yourself in shape for a Kennedy Presidency!”

While the full details of RFK Jr.’s workout routine aren’t readily accessible, the 70-year-old politician reportedly works out at the Gold’s Gym in Venice Beach, California—the original facility of what has become a huge fitness gym franchise known as the “Mecca of bodybuilding”—four times per week.

Whether Venice Beach Gold’s Gym patrons see Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doing his gym workouts in jeans, or if his social media videos were just a quick informal demo of his physical prowess at his home, remains a bit of mystery.

This Twitter video again shows RFK Jr. lifting weights in jeans—this time pushing through 9 reps of the incline bench press with 125 pounds.

However, the real intrigue in RFK Jr.’s workout plan was only partially fueled by the bazaar nature of someone exercising in jeans and also only partly fueled by the impressive nature of the impressive physique and strength of a nearly 70-year-old man. 

The other factor behind the sudden interest in RFK Jr.’s fitness is the recent column authored by CNN host Jake Tapper that accused Robert F. Kennedy Jr. of fabricating a “false story” about Tapper and RFK Jr. training together.

Reportedly, on a podcast hosted by Jordan Peterson, RF Kennedy Jr. claimed to have spent weeks training with the CNN anchorman Jake Tapper while Tapper was working on a documentary raising questions about the legitimacy of vaccines in 2005.

This interaction with Jake Tapper reportedly occurred while Tapper was a reporter at ABC News.

However, Tapper claims that he never trained with RFK Jr.

It is unclear if it was RF Kennedy Jr.‘s false claims of working out with Tapper or some of his other controversial takes on the podcast (such as accusing mainstream media of covering up for Big Pharma) or something else altogether, but the podcast episode has since been removed from YouTube.

Ultimately, while Americans likely are very polarized about the hot takes of the Democratic politician, and perhaps his honesty regarding his workout routine is questionable given the “he said, he said” dueling takes of Jake Tapper vs RFK Jr., it does seem clear that for a man pushing 70 years old, Robert F Kennedy Junior is looking fit and strong. 

So, whether he does all of his training alone or has worked out with others, his current Gold’s Gym training routine seems to be working.

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