Runner Hit By Vehicle Finishes Fukuoka Marathon With Fractured Elbow

One spectator caught the whole incident on video

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In a display of unparalleled determination and resilience, a Japanese runner faced an unexpected and dramatic turn of events during the Fukuoka International Marathon in Japan, which took place on December 3. 

As a Japanese runner, who remains unnamed, approached the 32-kilometer mark in Fukuoka City, he was struck by a race vehicle, resulting in a serious elbow injury.

This incident, captured in a graphic video, unfolded during what should have been a routine U-turn for the injured athlete.

The impact of the car left the runner momentarily on the ground, visibly in shock. Despite the pain and the odds stacked against him, he courageously rose to his feet, clutching his fractured elbow, and continued the race.

Filled with determination, the runner completed the Fukuoka International Marathon, crossing the finish line despite the pain of his fractured elbow. 

However, immediate medical attention was necessary, resulting in the athlete checking into a nearby hospital. The injured runner now faces a three-month recovery period.

The injured athlete’s running companion, Yasushi Sugita from Sendai, Japan, shared his perspective on the incident. 

Sugita, who narrowly avoided being hit himself, expressed surprise at the runner’s ability to finish the race under such challenging circumstances. 

Runner Hit By Vehicle Finishes Fukuoka Marathon With Fractured Elbow 1

“I was trying to pass the runner after the turnaround, but I did not have room to pull out in front,” wrote Sugita on his Strava post. “If the car was one second slower, it would have slammed into me—I would have been the one who was hit.”

Race organizers of the Fukuoka International Marathon acknowledged their liability and released a statement accepting responsibility and extending apologies to the affected athletes. 

The incident is currently under investigation, with a focus on enhancing safety measures for future marathon events.

The Fukuoka International Marathon holds a significant place in the world of elite marathons, boasting a history of world-class performances. 

Despite this incident, the event remains a platform for both Japanese and international runners and also served as a qualifier for the upcoming Olympic Games in Paris.

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