Kenya Sweeps the Podium in Both Men’s and Women’s Half Marathon at Riga Road Racing Championships

Today, Kenyan athletes confirmed their status in the world of endurance running at the 2023 Road Running Championships in Riga, Latvia. Both the men’s and the women’s podium from the half marathon event were swept by Kenyan athletes. Dominant 1-2-3 By Kenyan Women Women’s race favorite, Peres Jepchirchir came into the race hoping to confirm … Read more

Beatrice Chebet and Hagos Gebrhiwet Claim Inaugural World 5k Road Racing Titles

The city of Riga, Latvia set the stage for today’s World Athletics Road Racing Championships. With ideal weather conditions and a fast course, aggressive racing was expected. The first elite event of the day was the women’s and men’s 5k. View this post on Instagram A post shared by World Athletics Road Running Championships Riga … Read more

Lateral Raise Muscles Worked: What Muscles Do Lateral Raises Work?

With isolation exercises like biceps curls, it is pretty apparent what muscles you are working, but for other resistance training exercises, multiple muscle groups are worked at the same time, and it can become less clear which muscle groups are being strengthened. For example, a common question is: “What muscles do lateral raises work?” How … Read more

Front Raise Muscles Worked: What Muscles Does The Front Raise Work?

One of the benefits of forward raises is that this shoulder exercise can be performed with different types of resistance, including dumbbells, cables, resistance bands, kettlebells, among others.  But, precisely what muscles do front raises work? In this front raise muscles worked exercise guide, we will explain how to perform forward raises, and then we … Read more

Hobbs Kessler Sets a New World Record in Men’s Road Mile After a Thrilling Sprint Finish in Riga

The men’s road mile race that unfolded shortly after the women’s event proved to be an exhilarating spectacle that was equally as thrilling.  It was a race that showcased the raw talent and sheer determination of the athletes, culminating in a nail-biting group sprint finish and a surprising triumph by the United States’ very own … Read more

Diribe Welteji Sets a New World Record in the Women’s Road Mile in a Stunning Upset in Riga

In a stunning and unpredictable turn of events on the international racing scene, Diribe Welteji, only 21,  hailing from Ethiopia, delivered a breathtaking performance, clocking an astonishing time of 4:20.98 in the women’s road mile.  Her remarkable feat secured her victory and etched her name into the annals of history as she claimed a World … Read more

What Muscles Do Reverse Curls Work? + Curl Variations

Most people would love to have impressive biceps muscles that pop when they flex their arms or even that look well-defined and sculpted when they are walking around relaxed and sporting a sleeveless shirt. Although almost everyone is familiar with regular biceps curls with dumbbells, reverse curls are a little more esoteric and often unfamiliar … Read more

How The New Adidas $500 Super Shoe Outran the Competition and the Clock at the Berlin Marathon

2:11:53 – The time it took Tigst Assefa to re-write marathon history. Everything needs to be dialed in to break a world record: training, nutrition, equipment. Assefa left it to Adidas to ensure her equipment was dialed in, and the company did not disappoint. “They enable me to put my full focus on the race, … Read more

What Muscles Do Donkey Kicks Work? + Donkey Kick Technique

While many people focus on big glute exercises and compound glute exercises like deadlifts, step-ups, squats, split squats, lunges, and hip thrusts, there are also benefits of doing isolation exercises for the glute muscles, including exercises like donkey kicks. But, does the list of “donkey kicks muscles worked” include anything other than the glutes? What … Read more

What Muscles Does The Lat Pulldown Work? Lat Pulldown Muscles Worked, Explained

The lat pulldown is one of the most popular back exercises and a great alternative for anyone who is not yet strong enough to do pull-ups. But, what muscles does the lat pulldown work? Are there different muscles worked in lat pulldown variations?  For example, are the close grip lat pulldown muscles worked the same … Read more