The 10 Best Running Blogs And Running Websites In 2023

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Running blogs began years ago as basic online diaries of everyday runners sharing the trials and tribulations of their own training and daily life as runners.

From the personal experience to a more informational style, running blogs now take on all sorts of voices and aims, connecting the running community across the world all from the comfort of your home computer or phone.

Although traditional running blogs were just the escapades and experiences of a single runner, running blogs are now frequently a component of a larger website, and contain articles written by any number of contributing authors for the site.

These running blogs often have several new posts or articles per week, with everything from informational training guides, nutritional information and recipes, gear reviews and product roundups, race reports, and more.

Personal running blogs may have a specific niche, such as running with multiple sclerosis or another chronic disease, being a mother runner, or running as part of a weight loss journey.

Although there are literally thousands of running blogs these days, we have chosen just a few of the best running blogs and websites that catch our attention due to the quality of their content and the engaging voice in which the articles are written.

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The 10 Best Informational and Inspirational Running Blogs and Running Websites

#10: Runtastic

Running blog logo: runtastic

Runtastic is a running blog powered by Adidas that features articles for beginners and experienced runners alike. 

Posts cover a wide of range of topics, from individual profiles of everyday and professional runners, general training tips, motivation and support, running shoes, and more.

The articles are divided into categories like Cardio, Strength, Nutrition, Daily Habits, and Success Stories.

Examples of posts include “What Is a Runner’s Diet? 15 Foods for Runners,” “My Morning Workout: Should I Run On an Empty Stomach?”, and “Breathing Techniques: How to Breathe While Running.”

#9: Badass Lady Gang 

Running blog logo: BALG

Badass Lady Gang, or BALG, is designed to be an online destination with information, support, and community for women runners.

With the tagline, “A running community made by women for women,” BALG is all about being inclusive and inviting to women who run, or are interested in getting started running, no matter how slow or fast you move.

The BALG running blog is powered by head coach and creator of the Badass Lady Gang, Kelly Roberts, who is a former exercise hater, but found her stride with running after college.

Posts are fun, super supportive, humorous, and empowering.

#8: Strength Running

Running blog logo: Strength Running

Strength Running is one of the best running blogs for runners who constantly find themselves in a cycle of injuries, have a new injury, or want to prevent overuse injuries.

Owner and author Coach Jason Fitzgerald is a fount of knowledge about injury prevention, particularly in terms of identifying muscular weaknesses and imbalances and using strength training to reduce the risk of injuries.

While this running blog does focus on injury prevention and recovery, there are plenty of other posts and articles about general running workouts, motivation, and interviews with other endurance sports scientists and coaches.

Examples of posts on this running blog include “Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome (PTPS) Treatment,” “How to Be Flexible and Adaptable With Your Training,” and stories about the personal and professional journeys of runners, such as “How Ali Feller Got Hooked On Running, Podcasting, and Runners (Like You!).”

Coach Jason Fitzgerald also has an information-packed podcast for runners who want to listen and learn on the go, and offers paid training programs geared towards various running goals.

#7: DC Rainmaker

Running blog logo: DC Rainmaker

If you’re looking for in-depth gear reviews, DC Rainmaker should be your go-to resource. With everything from GPS running watches and treadmills to more fitness trackers and bike trainers, DC Rainmaker (aka Ray) has carved a name for himself as an exercise gear guru you can trust.

He also has super detailed and thorough buyers guides for things like GPS running watches and various cycling gear.

Reading a product review makes you feel like you’ve actually touched and tried the product yourself, helping inform you before you pull the trigger and buy the product yourself.

#6: No Meat Athlete

Running blog logo: No Meat Athlete

No Meat Athlete is the brainchild of founder Matt Frazier who has been running the blog, website, and podcast for over a decade. He’s also written several books. 

The No Meat Athlete content is exactly what it sounds like—an educational and supportive community for runners and other endurance athletes following a vegan diet or other plant-based approach to eating.

The No Meat Athlete blog has articles about topics found at the intersection of running a plant-based diet, such as “How to Build Muscle on a Plant-Based Diet: Staple Foods, Meal Plans, and Philosophy,” as well as articles geared towards either topic separately, such as “Vegan Supplements: Which Ones Do You Need” and “8 Running Workouts to Build Strength and Endurance.”

Matt also writes posts with more of a personal old-school blog-style voice rather than a strictly informational take. Examples here are “How I’m Training for My First Ultramarathon In 9 Years . . . With No Long Runs.”

The companion podcast hosted by Matt and Doug Hayes is as humorous as it is informative about all things training, health, eating, and more.

#5: Science of Running

Running blog logo: Science of Running

Science of Running is more than just a running blog; it’s an online resource for runners, coaches, and exercise physiologists created by Coach Steve Magness.

Science of Running is geared more towards running at the competitive or elite level than some of the other popular running blogs, but there’s still plenty of content for beginners, too.

Coach Magness has sections of the website geared specifically towards coaches, but there’s also a robust blog of free articles for everyday runners of all levels, as well as coaches and fitness professionals. 

The running blog has posts and articles on topics such as physiology, sports psychology, workout design, the science of adaptations, and injuries. 

All blog posts are divided into the following sections:

  • The Foundation of Knowledge: Recommended Reads
  • Section 1: A Philosophy of Coaching
  • Section 2: The History of Endurance Training
  • Section 3: Teaching and Learning
  • Section 4: The Mental Game- Understanding People and Ourselves
  • Section 5: The World of Science
  • Section 6: The Mechanics of Athletics
  • Section 7: The Training Details

Examples of blog posts include “Sympathetic Overdrive- How to Get Out of Stressing Out!”, “The Desire to Quit is Normal. Here’s What We Do About It.”, and “Going to Exhaustion. Even When You Aren’t Prepared.”

#4: Runner Click

Running blog logo: Runner Click

The Runner Click running blog has quite a few contributors who cover topics such as training, injuries, beginners, ultrarunning, and competing. There are also gear and product reviews crowdsourced from the running community.

One nice feature is that at the top of each blog post, you can see the overall rating of the post based on user feedback, so you can head into reading it with a notion of how readers like you enjoyed the post.

You can also see how many page views each post has, which gives you an idea of the popularity of the topic.

Example blog posts on Runner Click include “How to Fix a Muscle Imbalance In the Legs,” “5 Ways to Decrease Your Plantar Fascia Pain”, and “The Most Effective Protein Shake Routine for Runners.”

The posts are informational and easy to understand.

#3: The Mother Runners

Running blog logo: The Mother Runners

The Mother Runners blog was founded by mother and 2:56 marathoner Whitney Heins who believes that running makes mothers better mothers and mothers make better runners.

The Mother Runners is one of the best running blogs for women preparing to be mothers or who already hold the esteemed title of mother.

There are informational and inspirational blog posts and articles about any topic at the intersection of running and motherhood, as well as strictly running training articles and plans.

Penned by the superstar runner, coach, and mother Whitney Harris herself, the posts blend her personal experiences with research and interviews with other Mother Runners and experts for reliable, relatable content.

#2: Runners Connect

Runners Connect Logo

Like Marathon Handbook, Runners Connect is more of a hybrid between a running blog and a running website because it has posts and articles from many different authors as well as other content like training guides and paid training plans.

The mission of Runners Connect is to help runners of all levels have access to scientifically-backed training advice and guidance to avoid falling prey to fitness fads and unfounded strategies.

They generally post 1-3 articles a week, focusing on training content for all race distances from the 5k to the marathon and beyond to nutrition, injuries, masters running, and advice for beginners.

The articles are always well-researched and organized clearly, with offers for free additional resources and downloads.

There’s also a RunnersConnect podcast, which has had rotating hosts over the years, and tends to feature interviews with runners, coaches, sports psychologists and more.

#1: Marathon Handbook

The 10 Best Running Blogs And Running Websites In 2023 1

We have to plug our own content, because, well, we think it’s valuable and hope you do, too.

Marathon Handbook was founded by Editor-in-chief, Running Coach, and accomplished Ultrarunner, Thomas Watson. 

With the stated mission “We help you run far,” Thomas has created a community and comprehensive running blog and website with hundreds of articles geared towards helping runners of all levels run faster, longer, healthier, and happier.

Although Thomas has written the majority of the informational articles and created most of the foundational training guides and go-to resources for both beginners and advanced runners, Marathon Handbook has grown to include several contributing authors at this point who each bring their own unique experiences and expertise.

The running blog has articles spanning the gamut from training tips and race distance-specific training plans (mile, 5k, 10k, half marathon, marathon, and ultramarathon), to nutritional advice, injury treatment and prevention, and the mental side of running.

There are race recaps, running gear and running shoe reviews, and profiles of elite runners, among other fresh and pertinent content to runners of all levels.

Marathon Handbook has sister sites including yogajala for yoga-centric content, BikeTips for cycling articles, and Golf Guidebook for all things golf.

Do you prefer to listen to your running content while you get in your miles? Check out amour picks for the best running podcasts here.

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