10-Week Half Marathon Training Plan With PDF (Intermediate)

Our 10 Week Half Marathon Training Plan is best suited for runners with some experience looking to improve their half-marathon performance.

It builds up your mileage over 10 weeks and includes one race pace or tempo run per week.

Tempo runs are great for runners with a specific finishing time in mind; they help you to train towards that time.

Our training plan is available in PDF format in both miles and kilometers.

10-Week Half Marathon Training Plan: Essential Info

How long does it take to train for a half marathon? Are 10 weeks enough? – Yes, absolutely (but it is only recommended if you already have some experience running).

The following training program will show you exactly how to train for a marathon in 10 weeks.

Who is it for?: 

Runners looking to run a great 1st half marathon, or set a new PR!   

How Long?: 

10 weeks.

The training program includes 2 mid-week runs, to be performed at a comfortable pace, one tempo run, and one long-slow run each weekend to build your max mileage. The training schedule includes one cross-training day per week and two rest days. 

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How Many Days Per Week?:

This 10-week half marathon training schedule features 5 days of training per week; 4 days of running and 1 day of cross-training.

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Training Breakdown: What Will Your Weekly Schedule Consist Of?

Training Runs

These are your classic training runs; do them in the mornings or after work, at a comfortable, sustainable pace.  

These runs help add mileage to your training week and get your body used to running far!

Tempo Runs (optional)

A tempo run is a training run done at your target half-marathon pace, if you have one.

Not sure what your target pace should be?  Check out our pace charts!

Additionally, when you’re ready, you can check out our Half Marathon Pace Calculator to help plan your race speed based on your finish time goal.

Long Runs

You should be factoring in one long, slow run every weekend.  These runs are all about increasing your endurance gradually.

Remember to take it easy during them, don’t push things, and don’t worry about walking breaks – it’s all about building up that time on your feet.

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Cross Training

Each week includes a cross-training day; although these aren’t mandatory, I highly recommend them.


Cross-training is meant to work on your cardiovascular health and strengthen some of the muscles weakened through running.

Recommended cross-training exercises include bodyweight exercises, light gym work, swimming, yoga, pilates, and cycling!

Check out our cross-training guide for runners to learn more.

Download The 10 Week Half Marathon Training Plan for Free In PDF, Printable, Or Google Sheets Format:

10 Week Half Marathon Training Plan
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10-Week Half Marathon Training Plan With PDF (Intermediate) 1
10-Week Half Marathon Training Plan With PDF (Intermediate) 2

Proven Training Plans by a UESCA-Certified Running Coach 

Every one of our training plans has been developed by Thomas Watson, a UESCA-certified running coach.

Thomas is also a podium-finishing ultra-marathon runner and has dozens of marathons under his belt.

Each training plan has been road-tested by hundreds of runners, refined and improved, and is free to download and customize to suit your needs!

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Training Plan Elements Explained:

Training Runs

These are standard runs, typically of 3 – 6 miles in length. They are used to build running form and time-on-your-feet. They should be performed at close-to your target race pace, or at a conversational pace if you have no target speed. 

Long Runs

These are longer-distance runs, designed to increase your stamina. They are purely about building up the length of time you can continue running – don’t worry about your pace, keep it at an easy conversational level (more info).

Speed Work / Interval Training

Run workouts designed to increase your speed! These come in various forms – Yasso’s, intervals, Fartleks, etc. They are useful if you have a speed-based goal, but if you don’t then no need to focus on them – they can be tiring (more info).

Cross Training

Any form of exercise that does not involve running, and preferably one which is low impact (avoid contact sports). Good forms of cross-training include yoga, swimming, and strength training. Here’s our full guide to cross-training for runners.