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We wanted to pull together all of our most useful running guides and articles in one place. Over the years, we’ve published over 1300 articles, and at times it can be hard to navigate our massive library effectively.

So here is a compilation of all our best tips and articles for you to check out.

There’s a bunch of info in here, and probably a lot that you don’t need right now but might want to check in the future: feel free to browse them, bookmark this page, and share it with friends.

First off, check out our distance hubs if you’re looking for info on a specific distance:

Next, if you’re looking for a free downloadable training plan, check out our databases. Every plan is free, and comes in Google Sheets, PDF, and a nice printable image format:

And now here are some of our top picks, categorized accordingly:

runners cheat sheet

Beginner Running Tips 

How To Start Running: 9 Great Tips 

Couch To 5K: Our Training Plans And Running Guide 

Why Is My Heart Rate High On Easy Runs? 8 Reasons + Solutions 

Proper Running Form – 8 Tips To Make It Effortless 

Universal Running Tips

Pre-Run Routine: What To Do Before A Run + 10 Activation Exercises 

Post-Run Routine: Do These 9 Things After Every Run 

Here Are The 6 Worst Things To Do Before A Run 

The Run Walk Method: The Ultimate Running Method For Going Longer 

15 Dynamic Stretches For Runners: Benefits + How To Do Them 

Running Uphill Guide: How To, Form, Strategy, And Benefits 

Running Downhill: How To Do It Properly + Training Tips 

Chi Running Guide: The 5 Key Elements + How To Practice It 

Here’s What Bad Running Form Looks Like: 9 Signs To Look For 

10 Bulletproof Steps To Consistent Early Morning Runs 

Running Cadence Explained: What Is A Good Running Cadence? 

How To Breathe While Running – Make It Comfortable And Effortless 

runner on the track

How To Get Faster / Speed Work

Fartlek Run Training: How To + 8 Fartlek Variations! 

Yasso 800s Guide: How To + Marathon Time Predictor 

8 Powerful Running Drills To Improve Your Speed And Running Form 

Running Strides Guide: Benefits + How To Run Strides 

Different Types of Run Workouts + Training Modalities

Progression Runs Guide 

Fast Finish Long Runs: Endurance Training Meets Speed 

Tempo Runs: What Is A Tempo Run, How To Do Them 

How To Use Jeff Galloway’s Magic Mile Pace Calculation Method 

How To Measure Your Fitness: The Cooper Test 

8 Long Run Variations To Build Endurance 

The Complete Track Running Guide: Best Track Workouts For Runners 

Heart Rate Training Zones For Runners: Complete Guide 

Running Twice A Day: 6 Pros And 5 Cons Of Running Doubles

The Game-Changing Magic Of Hill Running + 8 Hill Run Workouts

HIIT Running Workouts: Benefits, How To + 5 HIIT Running Exercises

The Ultimate Guide To Recovery Runs 

runner flexing

Cross Training for Runners

The Ultimate Guide To Cross-Training For Runners 

Guide To Weightlifting For Runners 

The 15 Best Plyometric Exercises For Runners + Benefits 

6 Downsides Of ONLY Running: Why Runners Need To Cross Train 

How To Combine Yoga And Running Effectively 

Rest Day Workouts: Should You Have An Active Recovery Day? 

The Benefits Of Cycling For Runners: How To Use Your Bike To Run Better 

Aqua Jogging Explained: Low-Impact Cross Training + Rehab 

runner in the rain

Nutrition, Food, and Drink

 What To Eat Before Running In The Morning 

 What To Eat After A Run: Post-Run Meal Ideas + Refueling Tips 

 Carb Loading For Runners: How To Carb Load + Common Mistakes 

 11 Great Carbohydrate Sources For Runners 

 10 Rules Of Nutrition For Runners 

 What To Eat Before A Long Run For Dynamite Results 

 Chocolate Milk After A Workout: Is It Really A Good Recovery Drink? 

 Should You Drink Beer After Running? Here’s The Optimal Amount 

 Should You Drink Coffee Before Running? Here’s How Much To Drink 

runner celebrating


 Running With Sciatica: Is It Safe To Run? 

 Running With Arthritis: You Can Keep Your Running Routine! 

 Side Stitch While Running – How To Prevent, Treat, And Beat It! 

 Chafing And Running: How To Prevent It And Deal With It 

 Running Cramps: What Causes Leg Cramps While Running? 

 Lower Back Pain When Running? Here’s What’s Causing It (And How To Fix It) 

 Running With Hemorrhoids: How To Treat Hemorrhoids For Runners 

 Running With A Cold: Should You Run With A Cold? 

 Iliotibial Band Syndrome For Runners: What It Is, How To Overcome It 

 How To Treat Shin Splints For Runners – Without Stopping Your Training 

smiling runner

Weather and External Conditions

 Running At Night: 6 Benefits, Tips, Safety Advice, And Gear 

 Running In Humidity, The Performance Drain + Dew Point Explained 

 Summer Running Guide: How To Train When The Sun Arrives 

 Running In The Wind Guide: 7 Tips For Windy Day Runs 

 Altitude Training For Runners 

 Running In The Snow And Ice: How To Run Safely In Winter Weather 

 Running In The Rain Guide 

 Running In The Heat: 8 Hacks To Run Better (And Safely) In Hot Weather 

runner with the sun in the background

Running Shoes

 How To Choose Running Shoes 

 Running Shoes Guide: Different Types Of Running Shoes, Explained 

 Best Marathon Running Shoes: 2022 Edition 

 Here’s How To Wash Running Shoes Without Aging Them 

 How Long Do Running Shoes Last? Here’s When To Change Them 

Sports Science / Technical

 Running Economy Explained: What It Is, 5 Workouts To Improve It 

 MAF Method Guide: How The Maffetone Method Of Moderate Running Works 

 Periodization Training: The Ultimate Guide 

 Lactate Threshold Training For Runners: How To Measure And Improve It 

 Music And Running: Can Running With Music Make You Faster? 

 What Is VO2 Max? Strategies For How To Measure And Improve Your VO2 Max 

runner by the lake

Race Preparation

 Ill Before Your Race? 12 Tips For How To Respond 

 Injured Before Your Marathon? Here’s How To Respond 

 Start Line Checklist: Everything You Need To Bring For Your Big Race! 

 Here’s The Optimal Aid Station Strategy: 10 Tips For Runners 

The Mile

 How To Run A 5 Minute Mile 

 How To Run A 6 Minute Mile 

 How To Run A 9 Minute Mile: Training Guide 

 How To Run A 10 Minute Mile 

 How To Run A Faster Mile 

smiling runner in the park

5k + 10k

 Couch To 5K: Complete Training Plan And Running Guide 

 Top 7 Couch To 5k Mistakes To Avoid  

 Couch To 5k Treadmill Guide: Training Plan + How-To 

 How To Run 5k In 30 Minutes (Or Faster) 

 How To Run A 25 Minute 5K: Complete Guide + Training Plan 

 How To Run 5K In 20 Minutes Or Less 

 How To Run 5k In 18 Minutes (+ 6 Week Training Plan) 

 Couch To 10K: Training Plan And Foolproof Running Guide 

 How To Run 10k In An Hour 

 How To Run A 10k In 45 Minutes 

 How To Run 10k In 40 Minutes + Training Plan 

smiling runner outdoors

Half Marathon

 The Essential Guide To Half Marathon Training 

 How Long Is A Half Marathon? 4 Ways To Measure It 

 From 10K To Half Marathon: All You Need To Take The Leap 

 Couch To Half Marathon: The Ultimate Training Guide And Training Plan 

 How To Run A Sub 2 Hour Half Marathon + Training Plan 

 How To Get Your Half Marathon Taper Right 

 What To Eat Before A Half Marathon + FREE 4-Week Meal Plan 

 Half Marathon Recovery Guide: How To Recover From A Half Marathon 


Our Complete Marathon Training Guide: How To Train For A Marathon 

Marathon Pace Guide: How To Determine It + Race Pace Strategy 

6 Tips For Running A Marathon When Undertrained And Underprepared 

What To Eat Before A Marathon: When, What, And How Much To Eat 

From Half Marathon To Marathon: Cross The Finish Line In Triumph 

Run Walk Marathon Training Guide: Jeff Galloway Method Explained 

How To Train For A Marathon In 6 Months (+ Training Plan) 

10 Rules Of Marathon Training Nutrition 

Marathon Training Burnout: How To Regain Your Motivation 

Walking A Marathon: The Essential Guide (+ Training Plan) 

The Sub 4 Hour Marathon: Essential Guide + Training Plan 

How To Run A Sub 3 Hour Marathon + Training Plan 

Marathon Training Recovery Guide: How To Recover Rapidly 

Six Last Minute Marathon Tips 

Post Marathon Recovery Guide 

The 15 Emotional Stages Of Marathon Running 


8 Tips On How To Choose Your First Ultramarathon 

How To Make The Leap From Marathon To Ultramarathon 

Ultimate Ultramarathon Training Guide (+ Training Plans) 

Ultramarathon Nutrition Guide: What To Eat Before, During, After An Ultra 

How To Train For And Run 50k (+ 50k Training Plans) 

Essential Guide To Running 50 Miles + 50 Mile Training Plans 

Essential Guide To Running Your First 100k + 100k Training Plan 

How I Ran My First 100k – Race To The Stones  (by Thomas)

Ultramarathon Motivation: 10 Tips For Staying Motivated In Training 

10 Pro Tips For Your First 100 Mile Run 

How To Run 100 Miles: Essential Training Guide + Training Plan 

How To Crew Or Pace An Ultramarathon: 11 Expert Tips 

Fun / Random

What’s The Ideal Marathon Runner Body? 

 Running Backwards: 5 Benefits Of ‘Retro’ Running + 5 How To Tricks 

 Can The Wim Hof Method Make You A Better Runner? + 7 Step Guide 

 Why You Don’t Need Motivation To Run 

 How Stretching Is Sabotaging Your Running – Avoid These 5 Harmful Stretching Exercises 

 The World’s 10 Toughest Races 

 The 14 Best Running Documentaries You Can Watch Online Now 

 Running Terrain Compared: What’s The Best Surface To Run On? 

 The 10% Rule: Is It A Valid Way To Increase Your Weekly Running Mileage? 

 Running Motivation: 11 Ways To Regain Your Running Mojo 

 10 Dynamite Ways To Find Time For Run Training 

 How To Become An Endurance Monster 

 Books I Talk About When I Talk About Running 

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